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  1. You can accomplish this with an entry in the Winnt.sif file under: [shell] DefaultStartPanelOff=Yes DefaultThemesOff=Yes This will only work for the locally logged on user though. I'm sure there is a way to make it happen for all users, but I haven't found it yet either. Hope this helps a little
  2. UnattendedMode=FullUnattended in your [unattended] ??
  3. Jito463 - Kind of what I suspected Thanks for confirming my original thoughts. I doubt that it will be worth the effort for me to investigate any further. Thanks to all (keep up the great work - a treasure trove of info keeps rolling in) Chudd
  4. Thanks for the reply orson, but it doesn't generate the name in the format that we use. It generates a random name with about 12 to 15 chars. Our naming scheme is specific. Just wanted to know if there was a way to pull the name from our naming scheme like RIS does. As I mentioned I haven't tried the %MACHINENAME% variable in the ComputerName field yet. I will try that and post my results. Chudd
  5. When using RIS, the risstndrd.sif file has an entry under [userData] for ComputerName=%MachineName% This automatically picks the next available name in your naming scheme and assigns it to the machine. Wil this type of entry work for winnt.sif? If not, is there a way in the unattended CD setup to have it pick the next available name from the domain? Thanks in advance Chudd
  6. I ran into a problem using nLite also But I found that nLite creates it's own winnt.sif file and used it instead of the one I created. Might be an avenue to look into. Chudd
  7. I noiticed in your sif file that you are missing quotes around ComputerName in the [userData] section. Not sure if this would cause the problem, but it's something that I noticed. Chudd
  8. I know, I know, just too lazy to search It is my mission to find it. Thanks
  9. Hi all!! Trying to install Acrobat 6.0 full version silently with my DVD image. What is the best way? I don't know where you guys find all these application install switches, but keep up the great work! I tried using the Adobe InstallShield Tuner to create a setup package. Not sure if there is a problem with the disk being an OEM bundled version, but after ai create the package and test it, it says my serial number is invalid. When I install it right off the disk it installs fine. Any ideas??? Thanks, Chudd
  10. Awesome !!! It worked perfectly...installed my apps, etc. Now I'll need to figure out what more things I can add to this. This is great !! Thanks to everyone for their help and guidance. Chudd
  11. DDUUUHHHHH!!!!!! Figured out what I did. Something stupid (which I keep getting better at ) I created my ISO image with nLite but little did I know that nLite creates it's own winnt.sif file. So the one that it created was the one that ran. Stiil not bad though... I have used Magic ISO Maker to edit my image file and will make a new DVD and try, try again. Chudd
  12. Yes, the winnt.sif file is in the I386 folder on my disk. Yes, the file is in the right place on the disk. It even got copied to the hard drive after install. Furthermore, I ran it after install and it worked perfectly. Just didn't work DURING install. Yes my winnt.sif has the entry in it. I know that worked because my video drivers installed during install as well.Just wasn't sure if I missed something simple. Seems like the most obvious solutions are already done. I will try this and see what it says. Thanks all
  13. I got my DVD to boot using nLite and all went well until booting into the OS where the batch file was to run and install a couple programs. Here is my winnt.sif file at the [GUIRunOnce] section which is where I should put the command right? I have the batch file in the $OEM$\$1\Install directory. Funny thing is that when I run the file by double clicking it it works. I did see a DOS window pop up and show Error, but I couldn't see what it said. Anyone have an idea why I got the error? Thanks, Chudd
  14. I believe the biggest difference is that winnt.sif is needed to make an install from CD whereas the unattended.txt file is used for network installs like using RIS
  15. Oh OK I got it. I'll give it a try. I used nLite to create my ISO image. That should work right? If not I'll just add my files/folders to the image and do what you posted. Thanks Crahak
  16. So I just change the extension to .ima? Sounds easy enough. Now do I include that file IN the ISO image?
  17. IS there a definitive way to make a bootable DVD using Nero 6? I have used this site and forums to create my unattended folder (love this site by the way , loads of info). I peeked on the TEG site and tried following the long way. I have an ISO image, but it's the bootable part that I'm stuck on. The TEG site talks about using Nero and ISOBuster to extract the Microsoft Bootable Image file (.img) Nero asks for a file (.ima) What gives here? What would be the procedure to use to make a bootable DVD? Again Thanks for all the info here Chudd
  18. I ran through my install on a D600 and got to the login page and find that the LOCAL administrator account has been disabled. I can't login to the network, even though I have added the credentials to the riprep.sif file under the [identification] heading. Also I have added local admin credentials under the [GUIUnattended] heading: [GuiUnattended] OemSkipWelcome = 1 OemSkipRegional = 1 TimeZone = %TIMEZONE% AdminPassword = "password " AutoLogon = No Where have I goofed and more importantly, can I fix without reloading? Thanks Chudd
  19. Turns out it is not only common, but necessary!! Had I read up enough on this subject, I'd have known that you must have the same size (or larger!) hdd as the image you are trying to load. So it had nothing to do with my hardware or image or anything else. It was just that I was trying to load a 40gb image onto a 20gb hdd.
  20. Well I got the Broadcom working...it turns out I had to revert to the Win2k driver to get it to load. Another interesting tidbit....I couldn't load my image because it said I didn't have enough disk space. Is that common?
  21. Quick note to all...I am not using the b57w2k.sys file (I'm using the b57xp32.sys file), but the error I get references the w2k file.....Strange
  22. I have been having problems using my RIPrep image on a Latitude D600 with the built in Broadcom NetExtreme Gigabit NIC using the b57w2k.sys I got the latest driver from the DriverPak (Thanks Bashrat!) The complete error is: "File b57w2k.sys caused an unexpected error (21) at line 3788 in d:\xpsprtm\base\boot\setup\setup.c" I'm not quite sure where that path resides? Is there another file I must modify to get this working? I have already made the necessary adjustments to the sif file associated with the image. Is it becasue I'm using an image created with RIPrep? Thanks in advance Chudd
  23. I am in the exact same spot! I have a Dell D600 laptop and trying to use our newly created RIS image to clone it. I get the driver not found in image error. I'm just unsure where to copy driver files to.
  24. I was actually just looking at that post. What I don't get is where to copy the drivers to? Just inside i386 or into another folder? Then do I have to update my sif file to point to it? I'm extremely green in this area. I just got our RIS server working and I took a customized image and now want to use it. If you don't mind going step by step that would be greatly appreciated.
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