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  1. My not so happy bunny, my drive is still dead Will try again !
  2. @jaclaz - Just wanted to say thanks for all that you do and that there are people that appreciate your help and all that this forum and it staff do. From now on i will be a regular here and try to help as much as i can. About my drive not spining up - It's a referb - ( Certified Rapaired ) drive, so i guess it may have a problem with weak heads or something like it. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- For people with ST******NS drives that get LED: 000000CC - there is a way by shortening "read channel" ( read about it in another forum, so search for it, there is a picture ) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- CA-42 cables from FocalPrice ( GT50727 ) : Blue cable with 5 wires, 3 wires soldered to PCB, cables are ( usually ) : Blue : RX ( connect TX to drive ) White : TX ( connect RX to drive ) Black : GND Few things that i've found out for better results : Try making your cable shorter, Do not use hubs/extenders, Use the USB ports on the back of your case, Recheck and solder your connectors. Stop buying any s***gate product
  3. Keep trying, worst case you will fry the PCB I use a China clone CA-42 ( Prolific ) and i guess the length and the "design" of the connectors are giving problems, i made the cable shorter and now i can pass the spin down, so try that as well. But mine is looking like bad heads / weak motor or something like that... It won't spin-up ( have not tried on XP yet ). Question : Could it be that the motor connector is not making a good enough contact after removing the paper ? Can someone that had similar problem / experience be of some assistance ? In the clone CA-42 ( GT50727 ) there are 5 wires but only 3 are attached to the PCB, does anyone has a schematic where the other two must be soldered or some detailed schem. of the PCB.
  4. @momo2011 I don't think that your disk is BSY cuz then the SAT will be blocked completely, you may have a truly dead drive ( i hope not ), recheck cable connection ( i had such prob., i still have not made it, but making some progress until fix or until i see the "magic white smoke" )
  5. F3 T>/2 F3 2>Z LED:000000CE FAddr:00259C49 Rst 0x20M O.K. After a bit troubleshooting it was a bad cable connection ( mostly ) Now it spins down ( Z ), but the spin up is not being done.. Any ideas ?!?
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