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  1. [hi aviv00 please update your guide method 5 as their is no need to download waik for vlite, users only have to install vlite 1.6 beta first which contains the wim filter driver for win 7 and then install vlite 1.2 which has option for win sxs removal
  2. OK but i tolled you that i don't want to use Vlite or r7lite tool. after removing pending.XML i didn't apply any other trick. and winsxs still over 2.5 GB's
  3. OK.by mounting my wim using gimagex i removed pending.XML from my wim image. but still i am having winsxs folder in GB's(over 3GB). is there is more steps to do.i want to remove winsxs without using vlite or r7lite. also i am having a dell oem ISO wim.it has some langpacks integrated.is it possible to remove unnecessary lanpacks using any tool with GUI. also i want to thanks all guys from the forum for posting subjects on winsxs removal and patched_winsetup.zip; pre-activation_kit_v2.7.3.zip; WindSLIC_winsetup_6-29-2010.zip; WinPE3.0_Contents_x86; and posters from http://forums.mydigitallife.info/threads/9682-Je-Jin-s-DISM-Tool; http://dc229.4shared.com/download/ktaMm869/x86updates.7z?tsid=20101103-070906-f1dc8d3d http://dc252.4shared.com/download/ox_2Om_e/x64updates.7z?tsid=20101103-070542-ca0b4503

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