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  1. According to the rest of what you wrote this is a completely inaccurate generalization. Your game only crashes when you put it in 2K mode and vanilla 98SE apps are certainly not meant to be run in specific NT or higher compatibility modes. Depends on what you mean by "vanilla 98SE apps". Epic always listed NT4 as working for this game. Yes but, since the game has native win98SE support, it sets up its installed files for win98SE mode. If you simply must have it run in win2K mode, you mite try the registry fix noted earlier in this thread, so when you install the game it reads your system as win2K from the registry and installs for win2K. Then it may work(?) with the KernalEX win2K mode enabled.
  2. I've ran into trouble with HP before, if you have the original cdrom there are 9x patches here http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/softwareCategory?os=209&lc=en&cc=us&dlc=en&sw_lang=&product=59273#N361 It will look like you have to start from scratch, enter operating system, but if you page down hit the "boxed plus symbols" there are two patches, you will need to run patch one "HP OfficeJet K Series Millennium Twain Software Patch" then patch two "USB I/O Patch". Unless you run AOL I would forget about that patch. My guess its the USB patch that's the problem but I think you have to run the other patch first. An alternative is to get a cheap PCI USB card(I have had really good luck with the 2 port ALI cards.)(Make sure the card has win9x drivers included. although you may not need them.) (Stay away from older VIA chipset usb only cards as some have the usb bug, the VIA SATA/USB chipsets seem to be ok though and are real cheap. So if your thinking of a big storage drive its an option.) and disable the on board USB ports on your motherboard. I've fixed lots of different USB problems with these cards, also it frees up interrupts on most motherboards, which can be a problem on 9x if the on board USB's are using 3 interrupts as most motherboard chipsets do. Now if you do not have the original cdrom, then you have to contact HP tech support directly and beg for the original drivers and then they will send you a link to download the original cdrom image so you can write your own cdrom or you can buy a cdrom from HP. And then you can run the patches or add in the USB card either one will probably fix your problem. In a few cases paches don't fix USB problems, and then your down to the card. They are only a couple of bucks on line and should be $10 or less at a local computer store, I generally wouldn't pay more than $5 but if your in a hurry a locally picked up higher priced card is an option. Anyway a few ideas that mite help.
  3. The biggest memory bug in Firefox is the history bit, you can get Addins to change how the history works. Also there is an Addin called "Cache Status" that will let you clear memory and disk cache on the fly, so if you have opened a lot of graphics type web sites and the cache is thrashing as it deletes old stuff for new, you can just click the status bar and clean stuff out. Also just a thought, but if you have the drive space and ram setting Firefox cache options higher makes a big difference. You can add in a separate small hard drive(Compact Flash and an adapter to IDE is a cheap and fast swap hard drive. Must be at least twice your available ram, preferably at least three times, or wn9x will have kitties.) as windows swap space and force 9X to use that drive only as swap. And remember you can put a really big hard drive as storage space on win9x and take all the clutter off the boot drive as long as the controller you use has a 9X driver and maps as a SCSI. You can use upto a 1.5TB SATA as one partition, anything 2TB or higher needs to be partitioned, like the 2.0TB WD Green I got at Christmas time. I had to map the drive as two 1TB partitions or loose a little bit of space, It wasn't much, few hundred meg or so though so depending on what you use the storage for mite make one big partition look good. The drive may have actually been a tiny bit over 2TB as it was a WD AV Green Advanced Format Drive. Now there are some quirks with drives over 750gig(Maybe a problem on a 750gig if lots of small files are on the drive.). Scandisk has memory problems on these big drives, and won't work once the directory gets so big. So you have to fix problems manually or with other apps if a file or directory gets hosed. If you only use the drive as storage and move stuff over to it, you will seldom if ever have any problems. You should not, and probably will not be able, to use these big drives unpartitioned as a boot drive in 9X. Generally add in controllers are not primary controllers anyway. There are cheap PCI SATA controllers with 9x drivers on e-bay. You have to work at it to get cheap drives but there out there. Anyway a few ideas that mite help.
  4. I've had that "bug" under XP, so it may not be KernelEx related. In my case, it turned out to be some GoogleAPI, GoogleAJAX or something like that, blocked by my add-ons. Apparently, nowadays no site can run without Google stuck in the middle and I don't like that because I don't trust Google and I don't (want to) use Google in any of its forms. Anyway, please double-check if some add-on or third-party tool blocks access to the above or anything similar and try to unblock them. A browser restart may be required. There is an Addin for Firefox called "Google opt out" or something similar, that cuts the Google web site tracking, etc. but be forewarned it also makes Google searches take longer and search find less of the type of sites and info you use regularly. So if you have a lot of varied interests and search for stuff a lot using this Addin can mean you will not find things as easy or at all as you would normally do. One of the things I have noticed that is even more of a problem than Google is Facebook which is ten times worse than Google as far as personal info, there is an Addin to cut the Facebook cord too, but if your a Facebook junkie it will cut some of the Facebook stuff too. Another big problem besides these sites is tracking cookies placed by websites for other sites. And then we have flash tracking and cookies(Addin's to block both of these are available now.), and HTML5's extra tracking options and advertising push modes. Me I think HTML5 is not worth the extra trouble to be worth it, and I think there should be a major boycott of the junk.
  5. I have had problems in the past with WIN.INI getting hosed. In my case it usually was because of low hard drive space, but I also had a problem one time with a video driver corrupting the INI file and one time with a sound card driver corrupting the INI file. I'm guessing you are using the win98 image in in a virtual computer and may have ran into this problem when your antivirus updated. While not technically part of the registry in win95,98,ME, INI files are kept for compatibility with older apps, they are opened and the information in them is added to the registry. What I think happened is this, when you updated your antivirus you ran out of virtual hard drive space as windows had written a whole bunch of gobbledy-gook to the swap file, then WIN.INI was messed up when your antivirus wrote to it and had no room to save it, and after that you got the KernalEx error. Anyway that would be my guess at what you had happen, anyway I'm sure it was something similar that messed up the WIN.INI file on your image and caused the error. Its quite interesting that overall most KernelEx errors end up being old windows problems. I'll bet if you do a search leave out KernelEx and make it fairly basic you will find info on the WIN.INI problem from people that are a bit better at explaining things than I am.
  6. Actually I think he was being sarcastic. I think he is much like you, in that he is going into a thread he is not interested in and posting negative comments. ----- But lets talk of more relative to this thread. First off this is posted in the "General Discussion" section. It is a section ware people can talk about anything. If you read the top of the post you will see "Think before posting! color="#FF0000"] If your post is even remotely technical in nature, it probably doesn't belong here. Take another look at the forums and try to find the *right* location before posting a technical question here. " As to the specifics of the thread, for me it was very enlightening in that people's comments reinforced my thoughts on the subject. ------- But on a different note, why do you think every topic should be something your interested in? It is my opinion that if your not interested in a topic, maybe you should not waste your time reading it. That's kina the reason for a title, so you can select only those posts that you are interested in. In my opinion going into threads you are not interested in and posting negative comments about the thread is childish and serves no purpose. _____ On a more relevant thought, at least this thread didn't turn into a discussion of "how great the terminal command line is in Linux" as most posts do on the Ubuntu forums.. LOL!
  7. I would doubt KernalEx is the problem that caused the Opera to get messed up. I don't use Opera but if its like most browsers, it creates backup files, look in the Opera dir and in the windows / application data / Opera dir and subs under that and you can look for files like bookmarks.bak, history, config...... You can zip up both the main Opera directory and the opera directory under windows and then you can reinstall opera after loading KernalEx so everything works right and then you can copy the files like bookmarks from the new Opera and then paste the bookmarks.bak into the opera dir you found the bookmarks file in and change the extension to what the main bookmarks file extension is. An example in Firefox the bookmarks.htm is the main file and bookmarks,bak is the older saved one, so I would end up replacing bookmarks.htm in a new version with the old backup file with the extension changed from .bak to .htm. In the future you can get util's to backup Operas settings files. Anyway I hope this give you a few ideas.
  8. LOL! yep! Although I'm not one to say get rid of terminal commands entirely, they have their uses, scripts to remote configure machines are but one example. but in a GUI age, very very few things should need you to go to a terminal prompt.
  9. It is so interesting the difference between this forum and the Ubuntu forums, here most people say yes peoples expectations of software are too low, on Ubuntu forums it turned into a how great the terminal command line is. LOL! I get that on just about every topic I post over there. Thanks to everyone who has posted, and a special thanks to the person who posted the big post on software problems.
  10. I am wondering what other people think, about people in general and there expectations of software in general and operating systems in specific. For me it seems people just don't expect enough from an operating system. In windows people live with instability and data loss, well at least people who multitask. And as far as I can tell, at least from the replies I have received to questions and from my explorations of Ubuntu. It seems that in Linux people live with having to find all sorts of cryptic terminal commands to do things that should be a simple click away in a GUI. In Windows people live with all sorts of software problems. . A good example is games getting high reviews even though the reviewer says the POS crashed all the time. I have also seen people post on the software download sites giving high ratings to programs that were buggy and crashed. I have also noticed in Ubuntu Software Center people give three stars to apps that start but crash, come on here 3 stars for something that doesn't work? And I won't even start on Android, etc. etc. But anyway what does everyone think? Are peoples expectations of software too low?
  11. In the regular post window there is a section called attachments click the browse button and then select the text file you want to attach. Pretty simple.
  12. Hey I noticed you said Dutch in your post, and I was noticing CRYPT32.DLL errors in that mess you posted, anyway you didn't get a USA version of Opera by any chance? In the old days USA versions would not work in other countries as they had 256 bit DES encryption, which wasn't exportable. Anyway I mention this just to make sure your not trying to fix something that's not broken. Also may I make a suggestion, in the future it would be better for everyone, if you could put that debug mess in an attachment rather than inline.
  13. Room temperature isn't easy to change. I don't have (and never would want) aircondition, i.e. 28°C in summer. Below 23°C I get sick very soon. In winter the PC stands at the right side of the radiator (next to the window), which isn't a that cold place either. (To the right of it runs an audiophile 65W tube amplifier 14h/day.) I think an adjustable slow fan would make sense. It is ok when a fan is somewhat audible during 3D gaming, but it should stay silent when I record sounds with a microphone or use it as a VCR in the background. With silent but hot running components I always worry that they fail after 2 years. I think I will definitely install 2 power supplies (the old and very modded Fortron AT one cools the DOS part with a big hanging fan added by me) to run the modern PC independently. The mini-ITX(?) mainboard may be placed either upside-down at the bigtower ceiling, or on top of the AT power supply (there is some space above, see photo). - How much capacity have 2.5'' harddrives? (1TB is absolute minimum, 3TB is better.) I especially want a quiet and *reliable* harddisk, i.e. means a boiling hot running tiny one that dies after warranty end is an absolute no-go. I don't trust in SSD not least due to limited lifespan. They only make sense for shockproof mobile devices or as boot accelerator with the same size like the PCs ram. I don't want to pay a moon price for that stuff nor buy cutting-edge ultra-highend hardware that anyway tends to cost half after only 1 year. But if possible, the graphics should have roughly PlayStation 3 quality (but I need no higher gaming resolution than VGA or maximum 1024*1024). Important is that the GPU should support also Linux. First off lets look at what it looks like you have in that case now. It looks like you have 4 5 1/4 bays starting at the top with hard drive swap bay, then maybe a cdrom / dvdrom and cdwriter / dvdwriter, hard drive bay with internal 3 1/2 hard drive, 3 1/2 floppy kina floating in air(what happened to the bay?) and then the bottom of the case is 2/3 filled with the old board and above that is the replaced power supply with one big honkin led fan(So I'm guessing ATX20/24 jumpered on and then the motherboard cable either replaced with one for that old AT board or your using a conversion cable.) First off lets talk of a few things. Do you leave that case open all the time? I would not recommend it as this messes up the normal air circulation in a case, it would seem open is cooler, but that's not the way it works, as with the case open the fans don't draw off the heat and expel it from the case. What normally happens in a case is air comes in at the bottom threw the front of the case and is pulled up over the board and drives and then pulled by the power supply fan and expel it out of the case. It looks to me there is enough room for an ITX board to be mounted at the front part of the case next to the old motherboard, removing the plastic card guide(if this is used to hold the front case fan you can mount the fan to the metal of the inner case or mount the fans between the plastic front and the metal inner panel, if a regular fan won't fit, there are thinner ones, or you can use several smaller fans(replacement vid card fans come to mind.).I'd put as many fans in as I could if I was you. in at the bottom and out at the top. Plus put in a bay fan(get the good one with three fans.) in front of that internal hard drive in place of the filler panel. Next is mounting a hard drive for the ITX board, if you have a bracket for that 3 1/2 floppy, more than likely it has an internal drive location or you can use a couple of pieces of tin between the floppy and a 3 1/2 hard drive. Connections from the ITX boards ports would be cables ran to filler brackets, or mounted in the I/o cutout on that case, also you could cut slots in the plastic front panel for usb. etc. or use a 3 1/2 i/o bay if there is a second external 3 1/2 bay open. Then to power the ITX board I would mount a power supply for it above the current power supply and cut a hole threw the case, you mite be able to use a single 12 volt power supply(easier to mount.) and an ITX DC-DC plug on regulator that just plugs in to the ITX boards power connector, these are used to run ITX in a car, etc. Your going to have to make a cable for the power use like 12 or 14 gauge(This is so the resistance is low and you will have little voltage loss over the length needed to go down to the ITX board.) stranded copper wire. You can buy short lengths cheep at most hardware stores. Now for a cdrom, dvd, writer, etc for the ITX board I would just take one of the ones you have off the old motherboard. I wouldn't worry about a floppy for the ITX as you can move files etc. by usb and most modern boards support usb boot, just slide the usb drive to write protect if using it to fix a virus, etc. Plus floppy's are just too small for modern software. You can use a cheap KVM switch box to switch your mouse, keyboard and display around(as someone else suggested.) Velcro works good to mount one of the small KVM switches to the top of your case.. Use an adapter on the ITX if it only has display port and it will work fine with your VGA monitor or you could get a LCD display and use it with an adapter on the old board. Watch the really cheap KVM boxes as they sometimes have really short cables. I got one really cheap but cables were only like 2.5' long and barely fit with the switch sitting on my mid towers, I doubt the cables would work for that big tower. Remember if you get a four computer KVM(Not much more than a two switch box as they sell a lot more 4's than twos.) you could use one of the extra cables from the ITX board to the back of the case. Those are some ideas of how you could rework that computer to a dual computer box, as you should be able to tell I've done a few franken computer upgrades over the years. Anyway have fun.
  14. I have an idea how you can update that AT computer case to a more modern CPU. You could use an AT size 8 slot passive backplane and a SBC. This company sells them but they are way too expensive for me. http://www.single-board-computer.com There are lots of companies that sell them but I couldn't remember a name off hand this one popped up on search first. Used ones show up on E-bay, etc. Some go real cheap, but you have to play games with the auctions and stay up late to get them really cheap as there are too many who buy stuff for nothing and resell it. Many of the rack mount computers go cheap and have these kinds of boards which you could liberate for that old case but they cost a lot to ship. There are even smaller motherboards than ITX like pico ITX, new ones are not cheap but used ones show up pretty cheap. I'll bet you could get a really small motherboard, mount it on a plastic 51/4 - 31/2 adapter(cut the 31/2 part off and put in a sheet of hobby plastic to mount the board on.) and put it in a 51/4 bay on that big case. You could use one of those pico DC-DC power converters to power the board off one of your hard drive power connectors. What I used to do on videos that don't play right was to convert them to a divx3.11 avi, an mpg 1 or 2, or a old wmv file, depending on which type the original was. I ended up putting Linux on the critter as I got tired of waiting for a conversion to watch a movie that wouldn't play right. You can usually find an app that will convert a video even on an older machine, but it may not be real time, it could take much longer to convert to a format that will play right on that old system than the time it takes to play the original video. There are several reasons why the newer videos don't play on older hardware. The biggest one is the time between key frames or not having them at all. if a video doesn't have key frames it takes a lot more processor power to decode the video. Another problem is codecs that have special processor specific options(I expect that fineSSE29 fixes some of those problems. Another problem that is starting to be a big problem is video compression modes that are made for multicore processors as they have each video frame divided up into parts, these don't decode well on single core as the parts are meant to be decoded in parallel. Also there are Linux Distros for older computers, I don't remember a name right off, but you can find out on Distrowatch or the Linux forums. Distrowatch will also burn a cd or dvd for you and ship it to ya, most are real cheap.
  15. Just me, but I'd find an alternative for webwasher. There are newer winsocks for Win9x from other than microsoft which mite help, my ISP hooked me up with one but no longer support it or Win9X. I'm sure you can find it on the shareware sites. Another idea that may work if you just have to use webwasher and it won't work right in win98se without KernalEX options and that is to change in the program and its dll's properties, kernalEX section, to use a specific compatibility option, maybe win2k would work better than default. I've saw a lot of people mention this on other problems. __ I think few people are watching this thread anymore. I am still making it with KernalEX and winME but sooner or latter I'm going to have to change. I'm thinking of going the virtual machine bit, but the need for a high end computer is kina my big problem. Since Xeno86 has said he doesn't have time to update KernalEX anymore. I think its up to those few of US left to work out our own problems. Newer motherboards are pretty cheap and you can find deals on older versions of windows like vista, 7, etc.(There are a bunch of patches to get rid of microsofts spyware for these too.) So I think we are just going to have to bite the bullet and upgrade. I think I'm gona ask Santa for a new hard drive for Christmas(Should have gotten one sooner as the price goes up at Christmas but I'm poor and so...) and look for a cheap copy of a newer windows. But I'm gona also install a version of Linux on the critter too. Only a few programs I use need windows anyway. Things like web browsing, movies and music work on Linux. In fact my media computer is on Ubuntu Linux and has been for quite a while now.
  16. One other idea, you could try deleting both the main Firefox dir (default is under "Program Files" and the one under the "windows\Application Data\ " aka the "Mozilla" dir. Make sure to copy your bookmarks file from the "WINDOWS\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profile,????" dir to a safe location before deleting the Mozilla directory. And then run the FF8/9 installer in W2000 (not XP!) compatibility mode as JDS has said. It could be something from a old\bad install, or an old addin, DLL, etc. that mite be keeping the newer Firefox install from working. I would not try to save any other settings, or addins from the old Firefox install as that mite cause problems in the newer FF.
  17. You say you " bullet proofed my system." this by any chance be running an active antivirus/firewall app that prevents installation of virus, trojan, etc.? If so the app mite be keeping you from installing Firefox. Another option you mite try is to shut off any background/tray apps you may have running. Anyway Just a couple of ideas. You really should provide more details on your system and software you have loaded when asking these kinds of questions as the more info the easier it is to know what happening on your system and how to help you.
  18. Nope no bot, just little old me. Ah well, I guess there was a weirdness in the site, I got an e-mail said thread updated. I clicked the link and it popped up the first post and I clicked on the KernalEX Sourceforge page. I didn't notice the date and I downloaded the "new" version not realizing it was not a "new" version. But still I say Thanks Xeno86! Its still a great "Free" app and Has saved me a lot of money. Besides it was a good trip to Sourceforge, I saw an app I haven't tried yet, Media player Classic HC.
  19. Did you try the registry fix noted here http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/130936-kernelex-452/page__view__findpost__p__841573 Down the post titled "Despite changing Windows version in compatibility tab some programs complain about wrong system version." Anyway just a thought.
  20. Update my first post with system specs. I don't figure this is your problem, Its a bit to obvious, but I should have mentioned, you should check the options in Firefox options/content/load images automatically and make sure its checked. Oh before I forget. Are you deleting the old windows and installing a new copy of windows or are you installing over an old copy? If your installing over an old copy you are probably not gona get rid of a corrupted windows registry, etc.. Also installing over an old version of Firefox could also be a problem. (You need to get rid of the main Firefox dir and the one under "C:\WINDOWS\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox") (You could zip your old version of Firefox's dirs from both locations to save bookmarks file, etc. And then copy the old bookmarks over the bookmarks file in the new version of Firefox once installed.) If your not getting rid of the old Firefox some add-ons can disable images on a page, and some times add-ons conflict with each other or Firefox version and can cause weird problems in Firefox, start a safe mode Firefox to over ride add-ons, and see if the problem persists. Also note even if you install the main Firefox app in a new dir the "C:\WINDOWS\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox" will still be used and old add-ons will load in the new version of Firefox. Have you tried to right click on the Firefox image placeholder, select view image, and see if you can view the image separate from the web page? I read your post and looked up the MDCU patch, this critter is pretty extensive, I would try reinstalling windows and only install KernalEX and then try installing Firefox, and see if the problem persists, this could save you a lot of time if it is a compatibility issue between MDCU and KernelEX and your system. Whenever you have graphics problems, even some that don't appear to be related, and you can't find anything else that caused the problem, you have to look at system RAM and the video card and video card drivers. That 3.4Ghz CPU is pushing DDR400 PC3200 ram, you really should have DDR500 PC4000, but that can be hard to find. I picked up some on e-bay and they come up here and there. You could try setting your system bios for the ram at a slower speed or less aggressive timings. I have read of a few problems on the nVidia GeForce 6800 Ultra. I had one on an older slot one board with a socket 370 adapter card I used to play videos the card worked fine, but when I put in a bit newer 478 mother board the video card started doing weird things so I had to replace it with a bit newer ATI card I had. Also every ones drivers whether they say the support this or that version of windows don't always work for every system or set of options, its best to try an older version driver when you have problems on an old version of windows and see if the problem gets fixed. If these ideas don't help I'm sure someone on here will come up with a few more ideas you can try.
  21. I haven't heard if Xeno86 had found anyone to carry on work on KernalEX? I am wondering if it would be possible to fix the win9x bug with out major programing work on file names with things like "? * / ..." or in other words non-dos characters? This problem has been around for years, Netscape used to do it all the time. More and more files end up having these naming errors from zip'ed, rar'ed files to things like saved web pages. Since the file names can be made by these apps then the windows file system should be able to support them. But windows 9X doesn't, you have to shell out to a dos prompt and play games to rename the critters. Its just a royal pain to have to play games on one these files. This also brings up another bug and that is path length, I'm sure this would be a big mess to fix though but it sure would be nice to have fixed also.
  22. I'm using Firefox 3.6.13 and it works well with KernelEX, no problems other then sites telling me to upgrade, but I do have a lot of add-ons to fix naggy sites like you-tube. (Much higher versions of Firefox are said to work with KernelEX, I don't update software much, if it works I leave it alone until I have to change it.) When you re- installed windows, Then installed the latest KernelEX, Then after reboot the KernelEX popup says KernalEX is working, And you get the extra KernelEX tab on propertys, Have you then tried to set the property's on the Firefox installer to use specific compatibility mode WinXP? (This will make all the files Firefox's installer creates set to winXP compatibility mode in KernelEX.) (You could be running into one of the Firefox DLL's needing to be in compatibility mode also, being the problem with Firefox not running right.) (make sure to use the downloaded install file not the online Firefox install.) You didn't mention much about your computer setup, but system memory could also be a problem. When asking about software problems if you list the hardware in your computer it makes it a lot easier to give you good information on the software problem. AGP video cards can be set to take a lot of your system memory in the bios. Setting this value lower will free up more low memory for windows and while it "mite" slow video a bit. You won't notice the difference in most programs. Tray apps can also use a lot of memory, try turning unneeded ones off. Some anti-virus and firewall apps are memory hogs and better choices that use less system resources are available. Anyway just a few ideas that mite help you.
  23. You need Haali Splitter, FLV Splitter and FFDShow. http://www.free-codecs.com/download/haali_matroska_splitter.htm http://www.xvidvideo.ru/ffdshow-tryouts-project-x86-x64/ffdshow-tryouts-project-svn-3825-x86-x64.html (choose msvc2008 build) http://sourceforge.net/projects/mpc-hc/files/Standalone%20Filters%20-%20Win32/Filters%20v1.5.0.2827%20_%2032%20bits/ (register the flv splitter in your system) Another good choice is VLC media player, which works well under KernalEX, it uses its own dll versions of many codec's, so it has a bit less overhead then many other players.
  24. Thanks, I'll look into those too. I think I'm gona get a couple of those swappable hard drive bays and do some sparimenting one of these days here. I have an idea whats going on with the 11.10 now, but I haven't gotten a chance to search for some info on what to change. Anyway I downloaded this poker game for Linux and it has a speed setting, on the default its slow as molasses in January, but if you push the speed slider over you can get it so everything flashes by in a blur. So I'm kina thinking it mite be a time slice(s) or priority bit, that's changed between 11.04 and 11.10 as it would appear that the system ain't slowed down as much as it looks at first. Its actually kina weird, stuff like videos still play fine, but some other things seem much slower, its most noticeable on opening apps. I have come to suspect some default timings in 11.10 has been slowed. it doesn't seem to be in the video or execution speeds. I originally thought it was some major system overhead problem but I don't think so anymore. Anyway thanks for your help.

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