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  1. Hi everyone: Does anyone know where I can download WinXP Pro in the website? Thanks.
  2. Hi, after installing WinXP in second hard drive, reboot from the second hard drive, then go to the new WinXP, right. But, will the new WinXP affect the installed WinXP (first hard drive)? Just know that. Thanks.
  3. Hi, when doing this, which environment do this: Dos/winXP (first harddrive) Thanks.
  4. Hi: How can I get one free version of Nero Burning ROM without paying fee. Because my Nero Burning was expired already, I cannot use it now.
  5. Thanks. Right now, I know that the external driver cannot be installed WinXP Pro. Because I always try to install WinXP Pro. in the external driver. That 's why I cannot sucessfully install it.
  6. Hey Guys: Does anybody offer the websites, which teach how to setup the network in WinXP Pro. for cable modem?

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