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  1. Explanation of relative paths and workdir function

    Bejamin, Thanks for your reply. The workdir.x function is now completely clear. I thought I did not understand it completely and that this caused the 'problems' I have with WIHU. About the hidden.x function, wouldn't it be more correct to not show the status of the hidden.x entries in the status window at all? But only when you use some /verbose parameter to start WIHU for instance.. just a thought.. I start WIHU from the GuiRunOnce section in WINNT.SIF by the following batchfile: @echo off start %systemdrive%\Install\wihu.exe /log=%temp%\wihu.log /skipsettings /skiprestart /ini=%systemdrive%\install\unattended_new.ini About the warning message when installing Adobe Reader, the Reader isn't installed at all. So ignoring this doesn't make me happy..
  2. I've got several problems using and installing software with WIHU. Most applications install without any problem btw. First question, I'm trying to install a few applications, most of them work without a problem, but with a few, WIHU gives an error. For example: description.2 = Sun Java VM 1.4.2 command.2 = Apps\SunJavaRE\j2re-1_4_2_05-windows-i586-p.exe /s /v"/qn ADDLOCAL=jrecore IEXPLORER=1" selected.2 = 1 description.3 = .NET Framework v1.1 Patch command.3 = Apps\MSNetFrameWork11\NDP1.1sp1-KB867460-X86.exe /qb selected.3 = 1 Both the Sun Java VM and the .NET Framework give errors. When I try to install them a second time, the .NET Framework patch installs without errors. Another strange example, Acrobat Reader installation is not working in WIHU: description.1 = Adobe Reader 6 command.1 = Apps\AdobeReader6\AdbeRdr60_nld_full.exe -p"-s /v\"/qn\"" selected.1 = 1 I'm getting the error 'BAD COMMAND LINE' (error code -1). In the WIHU logfile: 'Status: 1, "Adobe Reader 6" terminated with code -1. Reason: Het opgegeven netwerkpad is door geen enkele netwerkleverancier geaccepteerd. ' (dutch language). However this syntax seems to work just fine when using a single batchfile to install all applications. I've tried using the workdir.x function to specify the path to the AdbeRdr60_nld_full.exe application, this doesn't solve it. I also tried using '%systempath%\Install\Apps\AdobeReader6' as path, but no luck either. Can someone explain me how this whole relative path function works and when to use the workdir.x function? I don't seem to understand when to and when not to use this. Of course i've read the manual, searched in this forum, read a few threads etc. Last question, I'm trying to hide some commands in the WIHU GUI from appearing. I.e. : description.1 = Lavasoft Ad-Aware Personal SE 1.03 command.1 = Apps\AdAware\aawsepersonal.exe /s selected.1 = 1 hidden.1.0=1 command.1.0 = taskkill /F /IM Ad-Aware.exe selected.1.0 = 1 hidden.1.1=1 description.1.1 = Killing HH.EXE process command.1.1 = taskkill /F /IM hh.exe selected.1.1 = 1 However, the GUI still shows information about executing these commands ('taskkill ad-aware.exe' and 'taskkill hh.exe'). Is there something wrong with my syntax? Here is a piece of log to show what I mean: Status: 2, "Lavasoft Ad-Aware Personal SE 1.03" was executed. Status: 2, "<missing description>" was executed. Status: 2, "Killing HH.EXE process" was executed. I've tried several different WIHU versions, including latest stable release and the development release. Thanks!
  3. @Kennedy, The autoInstallSeconds could be handy if you don't have time to come back to the keyboard. If you use this functionality the system can be completly installed with the default software. About navigating without mouse; totally agree, keyboardnavigation is a lot faster. Maybe you could make it like this: navigate with cursur keys, select with spacebar. In your current version, browsing through the list alone equals selecting the applications.. Can you explain what you mean with the catagory function? I cannot this back in the program..
  4. @kenedy, i just took a first look at kTool. Really like your INI-syntax, very easy to use. A few small suggestions for future versions of kTool: INI-syntax: - per application keyword 'default=1' for applications that should be installed by default - global keyword 'autoInstallSeconds=360' will wait for user input till xxx seconds and than start installing the default applications only. Interface: - little typo 'avialable' should be 'available . - i don't like selecting applications by using the cursor keys, i would like to browse though the list with cursur keys and select with spacebar or double click (for example). Maybe you can fix that? - sort the application list by alfabet. Thats it. Hope you like the suggestions.