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  1. I burned an XP Disc with all the updates, and it works on other computers, but not this one. This one, when I opened it up, it has about 1/4 of an inch of dust in it, and so I blew it all out (Using an air compressor) and it still won't appear. The disk works on all other computers, but this one, it won't. I've got it so the Disk Drive boot first, but it just sits there for 15 seconds with a flashing: _ Should I replace the disk drive or what? Thanks!
  2. Okay, So how do I put all ISO's on ONE disc so I can choose what to install when I boot up the machine?
  3. If you don't mind me asking, how did you build an All-in-one disc? Can this be done with XP? Assuming All-In-One means it contains all 3 versions?
  4. I've been trying to create an unattended install disc for vista home premium 32bit, and I read you can't slipstream SP2 unless you have an original MS with SP1 included, does this count if I have the disc that came with the computer? Its the OEM Dell Disc. Thanks
  5. Thanks So now that you know I am doing this for myself, would you mind answering my questions? Thanks!
  6. No, I am currently just doing it personally, for my self. But what are other ways to do what nLite does, as this may evolve?
  7. I'm trying to get a full set of Windows XP Disks, as I reinstall Windows a lot, on various machines. I know there are Three Types of Windows Professional Home Media Center And for each on there are three types Preinstalled Full Retail Version Business Meaning I will have to get Three Professional, Three Home, and Three Media Center (One of each type for each OS) I know I can't use any of them, as the keys do not work interchangeably, for instance, I know I cannot use a Preinstalled Windows Home Key with a Windows XP Full Retail Disc. I currently do not have all of the disks, and so how can I go by getting them? I've called Microsoft, and they will not give them to me. I am avoiding from downloading from most websites, because I am not sure as to what people have also put into the files. So, here are my questions. How Can I get the rest of the Disks? How can I get the Minor Updates? *I can install Windows onto any computer, and if I did, how can I get the minor updates from the already, up to date, installed copy? I am using NLite, and I am also using Driver Detective after I install Windows on a Computer, is there a generic ethernet driver for Windows XP? I cannot use Driver Detective unless I have internet connection. On Nlite, how can I slip Stream a driver? I have gotten a USB Ethernet Cable Adapter (I Prefer Wired Connections) and Integrated it onto my disk, and once installed, the USB Dongle doesn't work. Is there a way to include programs (Such as AVG or Firefox) into my install disk, using NLite? Thanks!
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