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  1. Are you sure? I never found those resources and I'm not talking about the menu items but those "symbols" in front of Restore, Minimize, Maximize and Close
  2. Now I'm using a .vbs that changes the comp name to a fixed one inside the script. However, I was wondering if it is possible to change the computer's name to one that includes the name of the current user. The best example for this is the OOBE of Windows 7 where it asks for user name then automatically sets the computer name like USERNAME-PC. Can vbs use variables like %USERNAME% or get that value from the registry and add something extra to the final result without asking for any input? Thanks
  3. Don't know if I installed it correctly but it gives me an error: Cannot find GRLDR Disk Error
  4. Thanks for the replies. I didn't really find anything in the usb forum that specifies how to install without that component. Also, I used a similar method like in the video to track down the files and manually added them to the modified i386 folder (without editing txtsetup). I don't know if it works without editing files that specify what files should be copied because right now I can't make VMWare Workstation boot from usb. It's made with the latest Novicorp WinToFlash and it worked before with Seven and another version of XP with the component intact. Later Edit: Installed PLoP boot manager. It sais "NTLDR is missing" so it seems it wasn't copied correctly. I'll make a backup and try to install it on my computer Edit 2: Same thing.. So VMWare works correctly... there is a problem with the usb though
  5. After slimming xp and making it perfect for personal use a while ago, it came through my mind that it would be easier to install from USB. Of course firstly I will test if it installs correctly with all the modifications but there's a problem. I removed "Manual Install and Upgrade" and usb installations require this feature. The question is: What files does nLite remove and modify when this feature is eliminated and... Is there any way I can reintegrate it without starting over?
  6. That's just for the little band animation in the classic logon prompt... I'm also interested in this
  7. Is there a way to change the Classic Setup Style theme? The default is "Classic Windows", can I add Royale, for example? I already integrated it.
  8. I only get that if I delete the "cmpnents" folder in ROOT of the disk. Don't delete that and you'll probably be ok.
  9. Hello there, Is there any way I can auto import (silently) settings and extensions for firefox (along with their additional folders) in the default profile of firefox? For example, MozBackup it's an application that backups all those in a single file and can restore it fully. I tried FEBE but that creates a bunch of XPI files and a .JS which contains a few settings but it doesn't include files like the AdBlock list and so... Can MozBackup work silently? Is there a way I can acomplish this? Thanks in advance
  10. I found this in some MFC dlls on XP...the question is, where can I find this in Seven's dlls and which file to mod so it will work? Just the modded mfc won't change a thing.
  11. Is there any way I can transform this into this ?

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