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  1. Xpize 3 And Sneaky's Driverpack

    Awsome, thanks for the info Bâshrat the Sneaky, going to get those updates asap
  2. Xpize 3 And Sneaky's Driverpack

    I knows there is some differances in the installation options of Xpize (I386 or windows installer)but I just wanted to check this slipstreamed install / sneaky's error thing for myself. The info I gathered was that the driver pack cmd file work perfectly. yahooo! Still though, as for the regular install of Xpize 3 (installer option) and the error that I had someone needs to double check this to confirm, a second opion would be great. It may be a bug it may not. Again it maybe just my computer. Im so happy that i have drivers, plus super XP eye-candy. thatz for Xpize and your time. - scooby
  3. Xpize 3 And Sneaky's Driverpack

    Hello, I was having a problem while having Xpise 3 installed (regular install not a slipstream into the I386 dir) and Sneaky's driver pack. I kept getting an error, ' can't find CABfiles_m1.cmd ' while trying to run sneaky's BTS_DPs_Slipstreamer_V5033.cmd file. So for the heck of it I uninstalled Xpise 3 and was able to then use sneaky's cmd files for my Unattended dvd. Could someone confirm this, i dont deny it could be just my computer system. Has anyone else been forced to do what I have or seen simular errors? Has anyone tried to use sneaky's driver pack cmd's in a fresh install of XP with Xpise 3 slipstreamed into I386? Either way im off to give it a try for myself, slipstreaming Xpise 3, using VMware, and check if i get those same error happenings with the cmd files. I will post my findings if you wish. I should be back in a few hours. btw, Xpise is simply beautiful! I love it. Thank you much for sharing your work. - scooby
  4. MCE2005 Slipstream SP2 and Single CD

    hi there, Why would you want to slipstream SP2 into XP MCE2005? it comes with SP2 in it. this maybe the cause of your missing .dll file, im not sure however. I haven't been able to reduce mce 2005 to anything smaller than 800MB (give or take). I have worked with XP pro, and am now working on a MCE2005 dvd now as you are on cd i guess. As you most likely know there is no real diff from the Pro version and MCE 2005 exept the the MCE additional files, which take up that extra space that goes beyond the 700+ cd limit. there are some ways to reduce the source of the OS that iv found here regarding the pro edition, cant remember where..... not just taking out dir's but also in forms of compression, anyway search search untill it hurtz lol, thats what i do the tablet pc dir, hmmm, dont know bout that one i wouldnt have taken it out, but thats just me. and yes you said that the dll file you are missing is not in that dir..... Some helpfull hints for you, again just trying to help.... iv been there. noone seems to be answering... cuase this stuff has been covered, well in a way 1) search the forum, it takes alot of time to find the answers sometimes but they are here somewhere, ill even bet on it. heck iv been here swimming around on this forum for about four months and this my first post 2) if you dont have a virtual machine program get one, iv used both but vmware is my preffered. just mo 3) Do everything in steps, slowdown, ill tell ya i learned this the hard way. make 1 or 2 changes and test it in your virtual machine. that way you dont have to guess what step you took that created an error. to start i just copied the cd 2 stuff to cd 1 and tried an install, then i went from there, bla bla etc etc. i know, i know testing and testing, it takes lots of time but better then all that back tracking BS 4)just becuase someone types a tutorial, or posts something never take it as law either, respectfully to those that have contributed here and around the net on this subject. test things out for yourself. again step by step. this forum has been up for some time you never know if someone is talking about SP1, or SP2 till the last min, lol so read thing closely 5) remember that the real fun in these projects is in the finding of the answers, and a job complete.... sounds wanky maybe, but true. so bottom line, if i was you, would be to start over, copy your cd2 content to your XPCD dir, dont slipstream sp2, it already there. do a test, if all goes well then start working on your unattended.txt (WINNT.SIF) after thats all-good, then slowly try diff things the reduce the source, however reducing MCE below 800MB, good luck. love to see someone do that. i dont think it can be done, sorry, correct me if im incorrect kids. best wishes scooby