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  1. The same problem as you happen to me But I have already solved this problem The following is my CMD FILE, I only install NeroBurning ROM in this CMD file, Other application have been all deleted by me ,After you can input the Application name that don't be installed into to REMOVE ="XXXX". Perhaps useful to you !! @echo off title Nero echo. echo VCR... start /wait \Data\Redist\VCRedistSetup.msi /passive /norestart echo. echo Nero XML... start /wait \Data\Redist\neroxml.msi /passive /norestart echo. echo KB884016 v2... start /wait \Data\Redist\WindowsInstaller-KB884016-v2-x86.exe /passive /norestart echo. echo Installing Nero Premium start /wait \nero\SetupX.exe /qb! /NORESTART ADDLOCAL="ALL" REMOVE="NeroHome2FF8B816,NeroStartSmartB035464E,NeroVision57D52359,NeroBackItUpCB9D5429, NeroCoverDesigner7CE8D626,NeroWaveEditorFA3A3F7B,NeroSoundTrax716FE146,NeroShowTimeD773A6E2, NeroMediaHome53BEFA20,NeroRecode6035F00C,NeroPhotoSnapED1EAF52,NeroBurnRights72CC518F, NeroImageDriveE38B9E06,NeroCDDVDSpeed82602EE0,NeroDriveSpeed7DFFCC12,NeroInfoToolE72D824A, NeroRescueAgentDE0B9FB0,NeroBurn5AD292D8,NeroMediaStreaming79061EB3,NeroCopyGadgetED8C2E75, NeroToolbar6231A394" RebootYesNo="No" NERO_SCOUT="FALSE" serialnum_userval="xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx" AgreeToLicense="Yes" EULA_AGREEMENT=1
  2. I have the same situations too my mainboard is MSI 875 NEO FIS2R that on board PROMISE 378 and INTEL ICH5R SATA/RAID controller I post TXTSETUP.OEM of promise378 driver root [Disks] d1 = "Promise FastTrak 376/378 Driver Diskette", \fasttx2k, \ d2 = "Promise FastTrak 376/378 Driver Diskette", \fasttx2k, \nt4 d3 = "Promise FastTrak 376/378 Driver Diskette", \fasttx2k, \Win2000 d4 = "Promise FastTrak 376/378 Driver Diskette", \fasttx2k, \WinXP d5 = "Promise SATA378 Driver Diskette", \ulsata, \ d6 = "Promise SATA378 Driver Diskette", \ulsata, \nt4 d7 = "Promise SATA378 Driver Diskette", \ulsata, \Win2000 d8 = "Promise SATA378 Driver Diskette", \ulsata, \WinXP d9 = "Promise FastTrak 376/378 Driver Diskette", \fasttx2k, \Win2003 d10 = "Promise SATA378 Driver Diskette", \ulsata, \Win2003 [Defaults] scsi = FastTrak_TX2K_xp [scsi] UlSata_net = "Win SERVER 2003 SATA378 Controller", UlSata UlSata_xp = "WinXP Promise SATA378 Controller", UlSata UlSata_nt51 = "Win2000 Promise SATA378 Controller", UlSata UlSata = "WinNT Promise SATA378 Controller", UlSata FastTrak_TX2K_net = "Win SERVER 2003 Promise FastTrak 376/378 Controller", fasttx2k FastTrak_TX2K_xp = "WinXP Promise FastTrak 376/378 Controller", fasttx2k FastTrak_TX2K_nt51 = "Win2000 Promise FastTrak 376 Controller", fasttx2k FastTrak_TX2K_nt52 = "Win2000 Promise FastTrak 378 Controller", fasttx2k FastTrak_TX2K_nt4 = "WinNT Promise FastTrak 376/378 Controller", fasttx2k [Files.scsi.FastTrak_TX2K_net] driver = d9, fasttx2k.sys, fasttx2k dll = d9, ptipbmf.dll inf = d9, fasttx2k.inf catalog= d9, fasttx2k.cat [HardwareIds.scsi.FastTrak_TX2K_net] id="PCI\VEN_105A&DEV_3376", "fasttx2k" id="PCI\VEN_105A&DEV_3373", "fasttx2k" [Files.scsi.FastTrak_TX2K_xp] driver = d4, fasttx2k.sys, fasttx2k dll = d4, ptipbmf.dll inf = d4, fasttx2k.inf catalog= d4, fasttx2k.cat [HardwareIds.scsi.FastTrak_TX2K_xp] id="PCI\VEN_105A&DEV_3376", "fasttx2k" id="PCI\VEN_105A&DEV_3373", "fasttx2k" [Files.scsi.FastTrak_TX2K_nt51] driver = d3, fasttx2k.sys, fasttx2k dll = d3, ptipbmf.dll inf = d3, fasttx2k.inf catalog= d3, fasttx2k.cat [HardwareIds.scsi.FastTrak_TX2K_nt51] id="PCI\VEN_105A&DEV_3376", "fasttx2k" [Files.scsi.FastTrak_TX2K_nt52] driver = d3, fasttx2k.sys, fasttx2k dll = d3, ptipbmf.dll inf = d3, fasttx2k.inf catalog= d3, fasttx2k.cat [HardwareIds.scsi.FastTrak_TX2K_nt52] id="PCI\VEN_105A&DEV_3373", "fasttx2k" [Files.scsi.FastTrak_TX2K_nt4] driver = d2, fasttx2k.sys, fasttx2k dll = d2, ptipbmf.dll inf = d2, fasttx2k.inf [Files.scsi.UlSata] driver = d6, ulsata.sys, UlSata dll = d6, ptipbm.exe inf = d6, ulsata.inf [Files.scsi.UlSata_nt51] driver = d7, ulsata.sys, UlSata dll = d7, ptipbm.dll inf = d7, ulsata.inf [HardwareIds.scsi.UlSata_nt51] id = "PCI\VEN_105A&DEV_3373","UlSata" [Files.scsi.UlSata_xp] driver = d8, UlSata.sys, UlSata dll = d8, ptipbm.dll inf = d8, UlSata.inf [HardwareIds.scsi.UlSata_xp] id = "PCI\VEN_105A&DEV_3373","UlSata" [Files.scsi.UlSata_net] driver = d10, UlSata.sys, UlSata dll = d10, ptipbm.dll inf = d10, UlSata.inf [HardwareIds.scsi.UlSata_net] id = "PCI\VEN_105A&DEV_3373","UlSata" [Config.UlSata] value = "", Tag, REG_DWORD, 1 [Config.fasttx2k] value = "", Tag, REG_DWORD, 1
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