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  1. Disk Imaging Software

    Sorry if my my terminology is not correct or consistent. My end game is to make my new WD Drive the primary boot drive and turn my current primary Seagate drive into a door stop. Thanks. RD Also, Disk Wizard is based on the Acronis program which is what I have via the Western Digital drive, however it does not work. I am going to be an unhappy camper if both of these drive company applications don't work and I have to purchase Ghost!
  2. Disk Imaging Software

    A lot of great information, and a lot of had work. But my question boils down to one thing, is there a realiable, functional app that will make my new HD the boot drive. The story, I fixed my bricked Seagate 7200.11 (thanks to this forum) and I am trying to make my new WD Cavier Black 1T as the boot drive. Acronis fails, tried 3 times - the error codes (yes 2) do not show up in their help database. I have Seagate Disk Wizard, but have not tried that yet, some reason i don't trust it. Any suggestions? Thank you, RocketDog
  3. Yes, I made the iso cd with the firmware update, but the big question(s) are.... A: Do I go ahead and take the chance to migrate my OS and all partitions on my unbricked Seagate to my new Caviar 1T without adding the new firmware? 1: If I do this, first I will have a boot-able image on the Caviar, take it out and then perform a no risk firmware update on the Seagate which will then with the new firmware become an external storage device. 2: Another possibility is (not certain of this ) will the Seagate go on the fritz while I am moving OS and partitions to the Caviar? B: Do I put the ISO cd in the cd drive and boot, hoping the firmware update works and does not brick the drive again? If I do this, do I run the risk of having a 1: bricked HD I will need to fix again, or 2: bricked HD that is really bricked for good? No don't laugh but I have a series of Win operating systems that are all upgrades: Dos 6.22 not an upgrade but needs to be installed for Win 3.11 to install Win 3.11 upgraded to Win 95 upgraded to Win98 upgraded to Win98 2nd Edition upgraded to Win XP I just don't want to go though this process, although it will clean out a lot of junk. RD
  4. All is still well, saved my data, my pc boots... Seatools works, tells me an update to the firmware is available and needed, Ya think! Now if I could only get the Seagate firmware updater to work; apparently the Windows version of the updater is not all it is cracked up to be. Moving on to an iso cd tonight and then the new Caviar Black 1T as my new drive. Cheers! You're welcome . Glad it worked.
  5. Thank you!!!!!!!!! :thumbup:thumbup:thumbup:thumbup:thumbup:thumbup:thumbup:thumbup:thumbup:thumbup:thumbup I UN-BRICKED MY 7200.11 SEAGATE ST3500320AS DRIVE First Time through! HALLELUJAH RDog
  6. Thank You, Thank you, Thank you. How did ever mange to work on my own PC without knowing about this forum. Best Regards RocketDog
  7. I have a bricked Seagate But I have a point of confusion. I have been through several forums. In some cases the card stock is separating the drives circuit board from the drive contacts and in another forum I see the card stock separating the circuit board form the head contacts, which is it??? Also, did anyone put the instructions in a pdf for download??? Thank you in advance and my apologies if this has been covered elsewhere. RD