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  1. Hey guys, I'm having some real trouble with wsfusb. I'm using nLite to make slim and trim a XP x64 install. Text setup works great, yet it always reboots at the GUI if loading from the USB. If loading from the HD, it can't find where to copy the files from. Now, if I use nLite to only configure, intergrate, and unattend, wsfusb works fine and this problem doesn't exist. If I do an extreme removal nLite, then this problem doesn't happen. It seems to occur when I go to remove stuff from Operating System Options. Funny, I can removal them all or keep them all, both extremes work without a hitch, yet I pick and choose stuff and it breaks the install. I just don't get it, because it doesn't seem like there is anything there that would interfere with the install, especially since if I keep everything it works and if I remove everything it works. Any idea guys? I could really use the help, I'm really exhausted from all the slimming and usb flashing and I'm pretty much at the end of my rope here. Thanks in advance.

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