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  1. Huge Security Hole, any Comments?

    That's not totally true, but I didn't read the article. Just give all of your accounts uncrackable passwords and give anonymous users no access without explicit anonymous permissions. http://www.microsoft.com/windows2000/techi...entry/46688.asp Now your even able to share your files with the ones you want to.
  2. There is an option to only allow approved shell extensions to be run. But in Win2000SP4 ENU Administrative Tools is not included and will not run if the option is enabled. How can I add it to the approved shell extensions, so I can run it, with the option enabled? Thanking you in advance, Erwin

  4. How much memory does XP with SP2 consume?

    In my opinion: 64MB = very instable 128MB = instable and slow, but possible 256MB = minimum, but stable enough 512MB or higher = very recommended I had first 256MB, but it's too slow if you run many applications, 512MB is very nice, but now I have 640MB, but I'm saying 512MB, or at least 256MB. 128MB is just too slow and instable.
  5. There stands 1001MB inbox and 10MB attachments * There is a spam and virus protection included
  6. Nero Burning ROM

    I'm not going to say anything at all...
  7. "msconfig" in win2k

    That's a good one, and it works fine Thanks a lot!
  8. Copy Protected WMA Files?

    Maybe are these files from his second computer and is the orginal cd damaged So, it could be completely legal.
  9. In WinXP I can use Start --> Run --> "msconfig". But how is this possible in Win2000? (Now it's saying "Can't find 'msconfig'") I want to get into the menu below (attached). Thanking you in advance, Erwin
  10. Registry editing has been disabled

    You can fix both with this tweak program. (use F3, the search function) http://www.x-setup.net/downloads/home.asp?lang=EN
  11. HardDisk backup to Bootable DVD

    That's not totally true, it's possible to create a bootable cd/dvd with Ghost, but I use Norton Ghost which is integrated in Norton Systemworks 2004.
  12. And that costs the most time! I've about 10GB of software installed (no games) on my pc, it took me 6 hours to install. But I personally use ghost at the moment. B)
  13. Okey, maybe you are right, I have already repost it.
  14. I made a suggestion, that's accordance with the forum rules.
  15. You could also give Google a try. * Edited, because it wasn't maybe totally accordance with the forum rules.