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  1. Windows 95 refuses to go away!

    Unfortunately I am unable to find the CD anymore. I may have lost it when moving to my new apartment a few years ago. After all it was about 7 years ago when I had the chance to install this on my old PC (or sort of as the installation procedure was very buggy). Currently I do not think it is really usable as it was very unstable and even installing it successfully was a great achievement. But it may be a valuable asset in a Windows OS collection. If I manage to find the installation CD again I will post here about it. By the way as it was not an officially released OS this CD was a warez one but I bought it as an enthusiast.
  2. WinBeOS98: Win 95/98/Me hybrid ?

    WOW! Ive never anticipated seeing a question like this on an English language forum. Anyways, this project started with WinBeOS98 I, II, III - 3 versions of a shell replacement for windows 98, all completely in Russian. Then there was BedOS72214-1, which is a separate complete install of a modified windows 98 system, also completely translated in Russian, featuring a very lightweight shell (based on the win95 one). The next and most popular release is BedOS2 "TANIA" (БедОС2 "ТАНЯ" in Russian) which is a modified and refined version of the above BedOS72214-1, later modified in BedOS2 lite version. I have used the BedOS2 lite version and according to my personal opinion it is a very nice variation of an OS with a lightweight shell as in win95 but having all advanced features of win98se. In fact the full BedOS2 "TANIA" version also has a modified Microsoft office suite included as well as other software all completely in Russian. The BedOS2 lite version is very fast, has a low memory footprint as well as requires a very small amount of free disk space. It is perfect for running all kinds of games (even the latest ones with a little bit of tweaking). However it has some drawbacks: 1. It is illegal as it contains large portions of modified Microsoft code and they are not eager to allow this to happen even in Russia. 2. It is completely in Russian so non-Russian speakers would not be able to use it at all. 3. There are some compatibility issues (even with games) due to the win95 shell etc. Due to the fact that its software is illegal the author Sergei Bedrin had big problems with the Microsoft representatives in Russia. Nevertheless he and his programming team have even created a new version called OSX (also a windows OS clone) and according to the website that makes it available for download is currently residing in North Korea B) I still haven't tried the new OSX but as soon as I have enough time I would definitely give it a try. P.S. Windows 97 (codename Memphis) is an early preview of the Windows 98 FE. See the other thread you have opened about my experience with it.
  3. I have tested the latest realease of 98SE2ME.exe on a 98lite chubby install + 98se unofficial service pack by gape and everything works absolutely fine. Great thanks to MDGx for this and his awesome site for windows OS. I have one remark regarding all users that would like to use the automated install made by MDGx and are at the same time using 4dos as a replacement for the default command interpreter. It seems that in order for the cripts made by MDGx to work without any problems the system should temporarily be reverted to using the default microsoft command interpreter. After the installation is complete the 4dos may again be used as a replacement for the command.com.
  4. 98 SE SP 2.0.2

    Thanks very much to Gape for this new realease! Tested and working fine with a 98lite chubby installation. Great work!
  5. Maximus-Decim Native USB Drivers

    Thanks very much to maximus-decim for this package! All is working absolutely fine for me with my USB stick and card reader. Great job!
  6. Windows 95 refuses to go away!

    WOW! That is interesting. In fact I have used almost all of the microsoft OS including DOS since 5.0, windows 3.x, windows 95 (later osr2), windows 97 memphis (WOW!, that was kinda beta for the 98FE and sure it was hell to use it), windows 98 FE (later 98SE), windows 2000 and windows xp. My biggest lapse was never being able to use the most ridiculous microsoft OS (or sort of) Microsoft Bob Still my favourite choice is the good old DOS + 98SE (+ addons from this forum) although i also have a XP boot on my hard disk as well as a few BeOS versions.