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  1. Many thanks for the reply man, the blue cable was planned so that I can access the Linux system through the WIndows UNC mapping or even SSH / Tight VNC :-)
  2. ah that does sounds very promising Iceman. thanks for your clarification, at the moment installing SCCM 2012 is as hard as squeezing blood out of stone ()"
  3. +1 yes I agree with you, for a big company with more than 100+ users or banking and financial services, that is a dark cloud which must be cleared :-)
  4. yeah, that's what I still cannot think about how :-o ok, suppose the whole IT department is 100% outsourced to 3rd world country for the remote helpdesk, using cloud computing is very affordable and cheap solution :-)
  5. Google just announced they are offering fully maintained notebook running chromeOS with full office apps and 24x7 business grade support for $28/month. Initially in 7 countries This includes the hardware, well this could means goodbye for the whole IT departments.
  6. ah yes, thanks man, we are not into Altiris because it is quite expensive for us.
  7. Hi All, We are trying to work out whether or not to purchase SCCM 2012 or some other technology to assist with desktop/server fleet management. Today have many disparate systems that all do a subset of what we need. In addition to that we have Windows 7 upcoming and need to deploy it and hundreds of application packages. The new technology MUST: Deploy Windows 7 to any bare bones machine (including driver insertion) Deploy Windows 2008 to any bare bones machine regardless (including driver insertion) Deploy Software from MSI Deploy Software from Non-MSI (flat file, single registry key, third party installer) Deploy Software based on Active Directory Group Membership Deploy Software with ‘pre-requisites and supersedes’ smarts built in Deploy Windows Security Patches Deploy Windows Security Patches with respect to groups (ie node A is patched fully before node B is patched) Ability to Permanently exclude Security Patches that are irrelevant to a system Ability to Disapprove a Security Patches Report on Windows Security Patch Gaps Report on software deployments for licensing compliance Support a replicated Multi-tiered infrastructure deployments (Internal, DMZ-I, DMZ-E info all in the same Microsoft SQL database) Be supported by the supplying vendor on a vmware platform Provide a configuration management database that lets you put manual descriptions hardware, asset and IP addressing information in The new technology SHOULD: Allow you to Add/Remove things from an SOE without having to recreate SOE from scratch. Deploy user based software that installs on first run instead of installing all your apps upon first log in Allow administrative removal of an application from a machine when you’re out of a group Automatically associate users to machines based on the last log on Report on hardware inventory Report on software inventory Report on user to machine inventory Not require the user to have local administrative privileges Any kinds of suggestion and input will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  8. As now people hears a lot about the cloud computing and its benefits to reduce the cost and system management overhead, so I wonder if the IT Core Infrastructure career will still be open or useful in the near future as more and more servers are now deployed in the cloud. Please share your thoughts and comments regarding the cloud computing era and what could be the future of IT Professional opportunities when everything is offloaded into the 3rd party cloud provider. Any kind of response and alternative scenarios will be good to share here.
  9. yes, same thing happens to my excel addins I receive Windows Installer error 1720 so how did you go with the solution then ?
  10. Hi All, I want to learn / study Linux by using my spare HP Desktop dc7700 PC without monitor (headless) so I wonder if the following scenario is working with Ubuntu / KUbuntu Linux: My question is that, is the above blue line (ethernet cable - straight cable can work with the newer model of PC / eg. MDI-X) for peer to peer connection without switch at all ? The ultimate goal is to be able to connect to the Linux server using VNC from the Windows Server and then scan the wireless LAN for weak password with aircrack or any other tools from (http://sectools.org/wireless.html) because I know that windows cannot be used for such thing anymore. I have setup BT 4u1 before but then I give up since I cannot make the USB WLAN working or get the IP address :-| but so far I have tried using Ubuntu for daily testing but not serious hacking and security matter. Thanks
  11. Yes, combining it with Microsoft Security Essential is also great too :-)
  12. Hi, I wonder why I am still unable to "send as" from my Outlook using this particular mailbox ? eventhough: 1. I was able to open up the Mailbox successfully as additional mailbox in my Outlook 2. Grant my self "FULL ACCESS" and the "Send on Behalf" do I have to make this mailbox as "Shared mailbox" instead of normal user mailbox ? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  13. Get-WmiObject win32_SystemEnclosure | select serialnumber ah ok, I found that powershell as well.
  14. Hi, I'd like to do server refresh and there are more than hundreds of HP server and SAN that I need to identify its base warranty up to date, so I wonder if there is any automated tool to get HP serial number from my datacenter ? Any kind of help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  15. Yes, that is just what I've been looking for Adam. Thanks it works for now.
  16. ah.. from googling around it seems that i must run rdpclip.exe to fix this chainning issue in copy pasting. all good for now.
  17. Hi, I'm having very weird problem in my TS RDP connection, I can copy and paste from my TS RDP out into my desktop (from any program into any program in my home workstation) but somehow I cannot copy paste from my desktop into my TS RDP (from any program at all - it always remember the old content of the clipboard) ? this is going through RDP session over Juniper SSL VPN into the Windows Server 2003 Terminal Server but obviously this is the same TS RDP application that is provided by Windows. any help regarding this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,
  18. thanks for the reply mate, but how come It gets disabled when I login using the domain admin to this terminal server ? could that be the Computer Object GPO in effect :|
  19. Hi Everyone, how to make the necessary changes in tscc - [Terminal Services Configuration\Connections] RDP-Tcp Properties | Client Settings tab Disable the following: [v] Clipboard mapping (selected and disabled so I can't make changes) how can I uncheck that option ? I'm logged in to the Terminal Server using the Enterprise\Admin but the option is still disabled ? and I've double check from the AD GPO: Setting Path: Computer Configuration/Administrative Templates/Windows Components/Terminal Services/Client/Server data redirection Do not allow clipboard redirection - Disabled Is there anything that I should do to enable me to do the changes ?
  20. Hi All, I'm having problem in Installing and uninstalling the application from my Windows XP workstation which was member of domain and has offline folders synched / mapped to the \\fileserver\userhome directory, it always ask for \\fileserver\user home directory and then I can't proceed anymore when I click on cancel ? the computer has been brought off site to the remote office and there is no way to rejoin again to the domain just for uninstalling this application. I also tried to install Windows Installer Cleanup utility (MSICUU2.exe) but it failed as it could not contact the user home directory ? is there any way to get rid of this MSI error please ?
  21. Hi All, I got Windows Server 2003 which was restored from disk image from smaller partition (20 GB) into larger partition (100GB), I've converted this Active boot partition from BASIC disk into DYNAMIC disk, but still I couldn't expand it to fully utilize 100 GB ? Is there any way to do it without losing the Boot OS data ? Thanks
  22. I do understand what you want would like to achieve, rest assured. Whether this is possible or not depends on how your BIOS works. Since I have not a Toshiba Tecra M10 before me, I have no way to know what is in it's BIOS and which feature and which hot keys it sports unless you tell me. The proposed test was a way, if you describe the features of your BIOS, hot-keys, etc. it will be the same. jaclaz ok, I'll get one casing first and then let you know. Does eSATA casing can run just with the eSATA cable or it certainly need power ?

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