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  1. x86 update up to 2011 April windows-xp-sp3-x86-enu(2011-04).ulz
  2. Updates between 2010 November - 2011 March
  3. Tested w/ XML compatibility modules and updates.
  4. As of 2011 March 22. office-2003-sp3-x86-enu.ulz
  5. I don't play games and Microsoft Update doesn't provide DirectX updates so I didn't know about this distribution. Thanks for the tip.
  6. I did fresh install and DirectX was at 9.0c. I started with XPSP3 x86 and XPSP2 x64 and presume people who start from there would get 9.0c. Any positives came from the original authors' work.
  7. Let me know what else you think should be included. I'm too lazy to create new distributions for the ASP.net out-of-band update. I've noted the entries and will include it after this coming Tuesday's large patch bundle.
  8. Updates for Windows XP x86/x64. Based on MS's Security Bulletins website, but tested yet. windows-xp-x64-enu(2010-10).ulz windows-xp-sp3-x86-enu(2010-10).ulz
  9. Windows XP x64 ENU

    Updated post 12
  10. Append .xml to your list's name and drag it into Firefox. It should show you the exact line that's causing the problem.
  11. Here's the latest ulz for XP SP3 x86. It is based on what's already in the WUD download area but I have renamed a section to reflect the XP SP2 x64 ulz and added most updates as of 8/5. I didn't do a complete check on obsoleted files. I left the WMP9 files intact. - added latest for 2010 August, you may need to remove the date from the .ulz name windows-xp-sp3-x86-enu.ulz windows-xp-sp3-x86-enu-2010-08-16.ulz
  12. Windows XP x64 ENU

    Here is an updated one as of Aug 4, 2010. I have included all updates that are required from Windows Update so some of them have no security references. Superseded patches have been removed. Some patches have been lumped them into category 1 as I cannot find the security bulletins. Some errors from the March 2 .ulz causing the application to abort have been corrected. Any easy way to quickly check if a certain patch has been superseded? - Attached 2010 August version. You may need to remove the date from the .ulz file name windows-xp-x64-enu.ulz windows-xp-x64-enu-2010-08-16.ulz