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  1. Thanx for the reply. Actually I put the sound files here cuz i hate ms sam, mary and other voices. Also, many thanx for suggesting improvement in my script edit: actually i don't think a gui interface is needed. So i drop this idea. Like jaclaz has suggested, we can use the ms voices. However the purpose of using autoit is different voices at different time which is not mentioned in the links provided at the post above
  2. I am MK. The one to surpass the ones before me..

  3. Hello everyone. While watching a Science Fiction movie yesterday, they had computers that wished them, starting with the message 'System Loading... Good Morning'. The voice changes as the time changes, ie. it is different in morning, at noon and in the evening. So, I thought I'd implement it in my system. Googled, but had no luck. Finally, I realized it was easy doing it with AutoIt and Scheduled Tasks options in Windows. ;;;;;;;;;;Script Designed at Maheep's HOME!!;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; If @Hour = "00" Then SoundPlay(@WindowsDir & "\morning.mp3",1) If @Hour = "01" Then SoundPlay(@WindowsDir & "\morning.mp3",1) If @Hour = "02" Then SoundPlay(@WindowsDir & "\morning.mp3",1) If @Hour = "03" Then SoundPlay(@WindowsDir & "\morning.mp3",1) If @Hour = "04" Then SoundPlay(@WindowsDir & "\morning.mp3",1) If @Hour = "05" Then SoundPlay(@WindowsDir & "\morning.mp3",1) If @Hour = "06" Then SoundPlay(@WindowsDir & "\morning.mp3",1) If @Hour = "07" Then SoundPlay(@WindowsDir & "\morning.mp3",1) If @Hour = "08" Then SoundPlay(@WindowsDir & "\morning.mp3",1) If @Hour = "09" Then SoundPlay(@WindowsDir & "\morning.mp3",1) If @Hour = "10" Then SoundPlay(@WindowsDir & "\morning.mp3",1) If @Hour = "11" Then SoundPlay(@WindowsDir & "\morning.mp3",1) If @Hour = "12" Then SoundPlay(@WindowsDir & "\noon.mp3",1) If @Hour = "13" Then SoundPlay(@WindowsDir & "\noon.mp3",1) If @Hour = "14" Then SoundPlay(@WindowsDir & "\noon.mp3",1) If @Hour = "15" Then SoundPlay(@WindowsDir & "\noon.mp3",1) If @Hour = "16" Then SoundPlay(@WindowsDir & "\noon.mp3",1) If @Hour = "17" Then SoundPlay(@WindowsDir & "\noon.mp3",1) If @Hour = "18" Then SoundPlay(@WindowsDir & "\evening.mp3",1) If @Hour = "19" Then SoundPlay(@WindowsDir & "\evening.mp3",1) If @Hour = "20" Then SoundPlay(@WindowsDir & "\evening.mp3",1) If @Hour = "21" Then SoundPlay(@WindowsDir & "\evening.mp3",1) If @Hour = "22" Then SoundPlay(@WindowsDir & "\evening.mp3",1) If @Hour = "23" Then SoundPlay(@WindowsDir & "\evening.mp3",1) I made out the sounds using a TTS Application on my PC. To implement this, compile this AutoIt Script and go to Control Panel>Scheduled Tasks and create a new task, which will run the compiled EXE at Logon. You may replace the sounds mentioned in the script with custom. Bingo, when you login, you will hear 'Good Afternoon', 'Good Morning', 'Good Evening' depending upon the time of day. Cool, isn't it. Tested for Windows XP and Windows 7. Please do post your comments, if facing any problems, or if you want any improvements. Attached Files: attach_win_wish.7z
  4. Thank you for reading my guide and taking interest. However, since the day I posted it, I have been waiting for people to report to me the 'shortcomings' in my guide. Just saying that it is difficult won't make me understand what the readers and users are expecting from me. Warm Regards, Maheep
  5. Checkout my custom USP-4 Guide at MSFN for Windows XP

  6. Hello folks, Checkout the v1.0 of my guide. Download Link (mediafire): http://www.mediafire.com/?3n9guvbxf1296vb Hope all the problems are solved now . Still I was unable to add more of nLite Add-ons into the USP guide. I have deleted the link on DepositFiles.com and I recommend those who uploaded the previous version on other sites to delete the links too. Enjoy making your USP. Regards
  7. I'll definitely improve the shortcomings and upload the file as soon as possible maybe another day more. One thing for yzowl that i sfx module can't be taken from ms update. Please read sfxcab topic in hotstream project for more details. Apologies to tomasz86, i thought mentioning the topic link was enough. I'll correct this too. Regards maheep
  8. (URL Deleted. Check my latest post for getting the latest version of this Guide on Page-3) Waiting eagerly for your response and scope of improvements Regards...
  9. :-DHello people. I have almost completed my guide and will release it as an attachment shortly for your views, suggestions and ratings. ;-) if any improvements are to be made, then i'll release v1.0 final of this guide within two days. :-P it feels a mixed sensation when your work is on the verge of completion! Warm regards...
  10. Thanks for the suggestion. I will include the part of installation via batch or autoit script and using 3rd party installers. However in this case the person has taken updates from ms and redistributed them. The only reason i chose to write a guide with links to the tools needed was because redistributing ms updates is illegal according to their t and c. For more details read the eula of any update package regards
  11. okay then i'll release the documentation of making a custom sp within a week. I'll also provide the links to the tools needed and the extras you could include in your usp/expansion pack with warm regards
  12. I think you are correct in your approach. I'll stop this project here... or I'll end up being banned. You may delete this topic Thanx a lot ... Yzöwl
  13. I have thought of the following: - OnePiece Post SP3 Updates - Vista Style Windows XP Sounds >>DONE - Some 3rd party powertoys - New system drivers (SATA/RAID) - Notepad2 (by Florian Balmer) replaces Windows Notepad >>DONE - LogonUI (self-made) >>DONE - HashTab - Unlocker - ISO Recorder - HighMAT CD Support - WinXP Resource Kit Tools (only selected) - CMD Here INF - UX-Theme Patched >>DONE - QJot (by xtort.net) Replaces Windows Wordpad >> DONE - Some new Console Apps - I have already obtained the Updates till the date 05-08-2011. But I shall include latest, if any when I release the beta. MS have also create a file called sp(version).cab in their package, to include some extra files, probably, the new features. I am currently working on this part and indexing of catalog files. Still, I have not been able to integrate IE8 in my package ( All the MUI files and some other DLL's. Maybe I could try doing with OnePiece's Add-on) . Also, please tell me if reshacked files are approrpriate for this pack. Regarding posting the pack at MSFN, I leave it to the MODS and ADMINS. I think I could upload it to Softpedia or similar website, since I found link to Gurgelmeyer's USP5 there. If I get to include any 3rd party files, I'll make sure the Authors are properly credited. Unnecessarily adding features and progs is not the case. I hope it takes about 300 MB Disk Space, when downloaded Regards
  14. sorry for the errors in my post. However, I have successfully modified update.exe from sp2 and added new entries to its inf for a program called Notepad2. I had successfully slipstreamed the modified SP2 via nlite and it worked fine . The SP's contain a file called update.msi (probably called for direct installation on live system), which one must need to modify (or create new one, but I have no experience in MSI scripting)
  15. Hello people, after Gurgelmeyer's successful release of SP5 for Win ME, I thought of creating an SP4 for Win XP as well, which would include all the updates post SP3, PowerToys, some extra tools and even those which were fixed by the members at the community. Based on the data gathered so far, I could even tell that it can be slipstreamed via nLite and also contain the installation switches as provided by Microsoft Please tell me of any improvements in my ideas and your interest in this matter Regards, Maheep
  16. To make an SFX Module for yourself, I suggest that you use PE Explorer to hack the Resources of this module (the one posted by on the previous page). I was unable to get it working with Resource Hacker, probably, because the module has been extracted from an update, which is digitally signed by Microsoft. If it is reshacked, it will produce an error. Cheers and Regards
  17. Thanx a lot for quick reply. I shall post some other versions of sfxcab modules soon. I was also able to apply Wildbill's patch to the latest release of Update.exe (the one with IE8 update package) and it works awesome. I was able to do a full slipstream. Checkup MSFN for updates !!
  18. Hello people, could anyone post the link to wildbill's update.exe for windows xp. Also i need some help regarding update.ver file in a sfxcab package regards...
  19. So, you mean to say that Aero Studio goes unresponsive when you click the Deploy button. Don't you? Well, if thats the problem, then its not a problem. Aero Studio is still working in the temporary directory of your Windows. You will see about after 3-4 minutes that it has started creating the ISO file. Once its done, it also prompts you if you wish to test the generated CD Image. Hang on with Aero Studio 2008. I created my own personalised DVD with multiple Windows versions for personal use. When my friends saw it, they begged me to make one for them.
  20. Though I don't have the PDF version of his Guide, however, I still have all the contents of his guide in 7z format. Just extract all its contents to a folder using any archive extractor and open Default.htm. There you are!! Have a happy time. Here is the Rapidshare Link: http://rapidshare.com/files/419346844/multi_boot_DVD_flyakite.7z MD5: CC37F0337F91235430963A626E1873C7
  21. Well, as far as I see this post, I believe you are asking how to use the 7z file you downloaded. Just open nlite and in the update packs, hotfixes and add-ons section, browse for this 7z file and nLite fill do the rest. No worries at all!!
  22. I must say that you are right. I had myself tries Sereby's IE8 Add-on. But after installing Windows, I found that my internet explorer menu and options were missing. So, if you have the setup for Internet Explorer 8, here is a tip to make a true add-on out of it. Download Onepiece's Universal add-on pack maker for nLite. Here is the link: Download Link 1
  23. I saw your file last session.ini. However, I believe it has no automation reports inside it. Also, the settings which you had mentioned there can be easily configured in the Unattended and Options sections of nLite. I have tested it thoroughly on MS Virtual PC and actually as well. Found no problems.
  24. Guys, I have seen a great program called Resource HackerTM(some of you may be familiar with it). Now you can customize windows xp icons, user interface and much more with it. Not even this, I have got a wonderful trick to add these customizations to Windows Xp setup. Here is the attachment for this program with this post.

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