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  1. Ok thanks for that i Shall try it and see if it makes any difference, the oem.bat file is fine i test that yesterday so i shall check see if %systemdrive% makes any difference. Thanks!!
  2. Hi, I've had a read in this topic but I still can't get RunOnceEx to run. see attached screen shots of my folder structure and also the SetupComplete.cmd file, I can't understand what im not doing right, can anyone help? Thanks Swain90 SetupComplete.txt oembat.txt
  3. Just playing at the moment, only just fingured out how to do Windows XP so just comparing
  4. Its a network based version of vmware so you install the client onto your local machine then it connects to a centeral datastore, im adding a user account to my new build to see if that makes any difference, just doing on a machine with a celeron processor takes its time lol
  5. Its running on VSphere so its not the workstation edition so doesn't ask for serial number or name before i start the installation
  6. Hi People, Playing about with RT Seven Lite, everything seems to be working so far untill the windows 7 installation goes through the "Windows is checking video performance" and reboots, when it reboots to finally get into windows it says "Please Enter User Name and Password" now i left "Skip User Creation" Unticked so surely it would prompt me to make an new user account?? Please find attached a copy of my Last Session file and Unattended.xml file Thanks In Advance Autounattend.xml Lastsession.inf
  7. Hi All, Im looking for some support with Server 2003, adding the RIS image and editing it so its unattened isn't a problem. The issue i have is actually setting the information in DHCP, DNS and active directory. As far as im aware everything is set correctly but i was wondering if there was any documentation that someone had uploaded as a guide to configure windows server 2003 so that the network boot will find the bootfile as im getting "no boot filename recieved". Thanks in advanced Swain90
  8. Hi, i am currently working on a unattended install for the college i work for. Basically its a Windows XP install, i have managed to merge drivers and other applications both in nlite and in WPI, but the only issue im having at the moment is a batch file the contents of the batch file are as followed; @ECHO The Sheffield College @echo Windows Update Script @ Echo ******************************** @ Echo *Do Not Switch Off The Computer* @ Echo * As Windows XP Is Installing * @ Echo * Important Updates * @ Echo ******************************** @echo Currently Installing .Net Framework 2 start /wait dotnetfx.exe /q /c:"install.exe /q" @echo Currently Installing Windows Install 3.1 start /wait WindowsInstaller-KB893803-v2-x86.exe /q EXIT /B Running the script by itself works fine, installs as it should not a problem but when i add it to WPI i get the following error message; --------------------------- dotnetfx.exe --------------------------- Windows cannot find 'dotnetfx.exe'. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again. To search for a file, click the Start button, and then click Search. --------------------------- OK --------------------------- and the same for the Windows Installer 3.1 was wondering what i was doing wrong Thanks Chris

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