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  1. Windows 7 explorer for Windows 8

    I didn't place in the right directory the explorer.exe.mui file... I placed it now at the hu-HU folder and it works very well. Marvelous work Tihiy!
  2. Windows 7 explorer for Windows 8

    If you have Hungarian versions of both Win7 and Win8 and placed explorer.exe.mui to "hu-HU" subfolder you should be fine. If not, you must use "en-US" explorer.exe.mui. You can download MUI for win7 from Microsoft, any language: http://www.mydigitallife.info/download-windows-7-mui-language-packs-official-32-bit-and-64-bit-direct-download-links/ Open downloaded exe with WinRAR and find explorer.exe.mui inside. Thanks for the help, I will try it when I'm at home
  3. Windows 7 explorer for Windows 8

    Hy Everybody! My problem is that my patched Windows 7 explorer.exe don't start under Windows 8. When it tries to start after logon, just a colorized screen appears and the pointer. I can run everything with the task manager, and restoring the original shell with patchex7 is working. I think the problem is with my languange I using. I'm using Hungarian version of Windows 7 and 8, so I've used the Hungarian explorer.exe, and the explorer.exe.mui from the hu-HU folder. This can be the problem, or something that I've not tried yet?
  4. Hi I've integrated the final SP1 into my hungarian Win7 x64 system, but at the end of the installation it stops for a long time and it's not doing anything. I was read DMD61's post that KB947821 patch which takes around 10 minutes to install. But it's a 300 MB package and I don't know how can it helps me. I looked across the internet but haven't find the solution. Any suggestions what could be the problem? And I ask when will come out the 3.0 version of RT Seven Lite?