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  1. With 1.5, I added a newer Explorer.exe in the service pack. It was from IE 5.01 SP2. I think the reason of the problem is that Explorer.exe. The version 2.0 will not contain Explorer.exe. So, this bug will probably be fixed by the 2.0.
  2. So the version 2.0 will not contain any Notepad replacement. However, there was a modified version original Notepad (which has more key-bindings) in the 1.x, I think we don't need this, too.
  3. I think lots of users don't need these new icons. So I think I can remove this feature. What do you think? In 1.x, new icons were from Windows 2000.
  4. There is a patch for this issue. But it's not free: High Capacity Disk Patch
  5. hi charlieb, Maybe your file is corrupted. Please, download the file again from a different mirror.
  6. ssmokee, SP -doesn't- touch any IE file, if you have IE 6.0 or 5.5. If you have IE 5.0, it -only- installs/upgrades some IE 5.0 files. 98lite keeps some IE files on the system. If these files are from IE 5.0, SP only upgrades these files. It never installs any new file, if you don't have related software. Version 2.0 still works with 98lite Chubby, and it will probably work with Sleek, too.
  7. It contains only IE 5.0 updates. However, installer checks the version number of the files, so if you have newer IE, it doesn't copy any of these files.
  8. I'm looking for a good Notepad replacement for the new version (2.0). This notepad replacement must be small and must read files with file sizes greater than 32KB. It also must support different languages. I have found four good Notepad replacement: NotepadEx TED Notepad MetaPad Win32Pad Which one do you prefer?
  9. OK, TweakUI is a good idea. It will be in the 2.0.
  10. Hi prathapml, Silent installation is possible on 1.x versions. You should use /Q switch like other Win98 updates. For 2.0, I'm not sure about the silent installation now. However, I hope 2.0 will contain a stable slipstreaming support.
  11. Adding Windows ME files is not allowed. It requires Windows ME license.
  12. 1.1: - Better Scandisk. - A minor bug fixed. 1.2: - 13 new hot fixes. - Solves 512 MB of RAM problem. - Dial-Up Networking 1.4. - Microsoft Installer 2.0. - Windows ME desktop icons. - Some bugs are fixed. 1.5: - 4 new hot fixes. - Adaptec ASPI 4.60 drivers. - General USB 1.x Mass Storage Device support. - Supports 98lite 4.7 Chubby and Overweight. - Visual Basic 6.0 SP6 runtime library. - Visual C++ 6.0 SP6 runtime libraries. - Updates JET 3.5 files to JET 3.5 SP3. - Supports custom "Program Files" directory. - Some additional tweaks. - Some major bugs are fixed. 1.6: - NEW: 3 new hot fixes (249635, 835732, 840315). - NEW: Microsoft Layer for Unicode. - NEW: Visual Basic 5.0 SP2 runtime library. - UPDATED: 1 hot fix (Roots Update). - FIXED: Registry corruption problem. - FIXED: MSI installation problem. - FIXED: New command missing in Windows Explorer problem. 1.6.1: - UPDATED: Windows Scripting Host 5.6 (Build 8825). - FIXED: Internet Explorer related problems on some systems. 1.6.2: - FIXED: Cryptui.dll problem. - FIXED: Internet connection problem on some systems. 2.0 BETA 1: - NEW: Optional components support (Windows 2000 Color Scheme, Performance Tweaks, and Adaptec ASPI are optional now). - NEW: 3 new hot-fixes. - NEW: IE updates for bundled IE 5.0 (This is especially useful for 98lite users). - NEW: Semi-slipstreaming support. - NEW: Shows attributes column in details view on the Windows Explorer. - UPDATED: Roots Update. - FIXED: Some bugs (Only WindowsUpdate bug is major). 2.0 BETA 2: - NEW: 1 new hot-fix. - NEW: TweakUI as optional feature. - NEW: New animated boot logo (adds "Second Edition" label) as optional feature. - UPDATED: HTML Help Update (taken from XP SP2 which is compatible with Win98 SE). 2.0 BETA 3: - NEW: More than 10 new hot-fixes. - NEW: "Dos Prompt Here" as optional feature. - NEW: 98lite Sleek support. - NEW: Fixed REGEDIT.EXE. - FIXED: DCOM98 registry problem. - ADDED: USB Mass Storage Device support (same with 1.6.2). - ADDED: Better Notepad, 256-color tray icons features. - ADDED: Uninstallation. 2.0 RC1: - NEW: 1 new hot-fix. - ADDED: Web Folders update. - UPDATED: HTML update.. - UPDATED: UNICOWS.DLL. - UPDATED: MS VC++ runtime files. - FIXED: All reported problems. - FIXED: Uninstallation problems. 2.0 RC2: - NEW: 2 new hot-fixes (192425, 246817). - ADDED: All cosmetic enhancements of SP 1.6 such as Windows 2000 Desktop Icons. (Sorry, but they are not optional). - FIXED: Lots of bugs are fixed. (MaxCachedIcons typo bug, %DosNameHere" bug, Verinst.exe uninstallation bug, 256-color tray icons bug, Notepad patching on Sleek bug, Executing SP from different drive bug). - REMOVED: General USB Mass Storage Device Drivers. 2.0 RC3: - ADDED: 2 new hot-fixes (319571, 320798). - UPDATED: MDGx's HTML Update. - FIXED: Annoying restart bug. - FIXED: Annoying reinstallation bug. - FIXED: GDI.EXE uninstallation bug. 2.0: * Added four new hotfixes [Q307004, Q888113, Q891711, Q891781]. * Added unattended installation support. * Added missing DCOM98 1.3 registry information. * Added localizable strings into the SPUPDATE.INF. * Added free FIND.COM. * Replaced modified WINBOOT.SYS with the original one. * Replaced ATTRIB.EXE with better free ATTRIB.COM. * Replaced NOTEPAD.EXE patcher (PATCHNP.EXE) with better free Notepad replacement: MetaPad 3.5. * Removed 2_4DATE.EXE, REGEDIT.EXE patcher (PATCHRE.EXE) and CTL3DV2.DLL files. * Updated EXTRAC32.EXE (WinXP SP2), RICHED20.DLL (WinXP SP2) and REGSVR32.EXE (Win2000 SP4) files. * Fixed RUNPOST.BAT goto problem. * Fixed 98lite Sleek EXPLORER.EXE/SHELL32.DLL uninstallation problem. 2.0.1: * Added one update [Q870669] and one hotfix [Q295629 (Replaces Q258010 and Q274334)]. * Added ATL.DLL [from VCREDIST]. * Updated ROOTSUPD.EXE [to 7.0]. * Updated HTML32.CNV [to Office XP SP3]. * Updated INFEX.EXE from 0.1 to 0.2. [The new version supports to change checkboxes' default states.] * Changed "MaxFileCache=524288" to "MaxFileCache=393216" in SPUPDATE.INF. * Changed copy method of HARDWARE.HLP in SPUPDATE.INF. * Changed copy method of Visual C++ [VCREDIST] and OLE Automation [OLEUPD] files in SPUPDATE.INF to avoid any version inconsistency. * Added "SmartReboot=N" into the all INFs for preventing unexpected reboot messages. * Corrected typo on DELINFS.INF. * Fixed TweakUI uninstallation bug. * Fixed 98lite Sleek Notepad uninstallation bug. 2.0.2: * Added MSMOUSE.VXD from Q254660. * Added "(Remove Only)" to the uninstall string. * Removed COMCTL32.DLL from the SPUNINST.INF. * Fixed ERRORLEVEL bug in RUNPOST.BAT. * Removed ATTRIB.EXE and FIND.COM from the package. * Fixed a minor bug in the TWEAKUI.HLP. * Updated boot logo and added shutdown logo. 2.1: * Added COMCAT.DLL from DCOM98. * Added Q212265 (JPEGIM32.FLT). * Added Q240896 (OPENGL32.DLL). * Added Q258765 (REG). * Added Q269604 (DSOUND.DLL). * Added Q285895 (CIMWIN32.DLL) and Q282949 (WBEMPROX.DLL). * Added Q314941 (SSDPAPI.DLL, SSDPSVR.EXE, UPNP.DLL). * Added Q323708 (NSCIRDA.SYS). * Added Q327517 (REG). * Added Q885836 (MSWRD632.WPC). * Added Q887617 (HTML32.CNV, MSCONV97.DLL, MSWRD832.CNV). * Added Q903235 (REG). * Added a fix for VS2005 issue (REG). * Added "No Channel Logging" registry tweak. * Updated Q891711 (to U891711). * Updated NWPP32.DLL (to Q250876-v2). * Updated HTML Help (to Q896358). * Removed DELINFS.INF. * Corrected MOUHID.VXD and DISPEX.DLL files. * Cleaned up some code. 2.1a: * Corrected timestamps of some files. * Corrected SCR56.INF version information. * Added COMPOBJ.DLL from DCOM98.
  13. Yes, like XP. But the picture resolution is very low, so this logo is not as nice as XP.
  14. At this time Windows 98 / 98 SE does not natively support 137GB drives. However, there are some 3rd party utilities that will allow you to see the full capacity of the drive once the operating system has been installed (no support for installing to a full size partition). Software Driver Updates (800 Series Intel Chipsets Only) The Intel Application Accelerator (IAA) adds 48-bit LBA support for the 800 series Intel chipsets. Software Driver Updates (Non-Intel Chipsets) VIA has drivers which support 48-bit LBA for their chipsets. Scandisk The version of Scandisk that comes with Windows 98 / 98 SE does not support partitions larger than 137 GB.
  15. If you want a different logo for your Windows 98/98 SE system, you can use these attached logos. First logo was made by AngelBlue01, and it is a modified version of original Windows 98 boot logo. It adds "Second Edition" label. Second logo was made by Aleksandar Dlabac, and it is a Windows XP-like boot logo. Both logos are animated. For installing, only you need copy LOGO.SYS into your root (C:\) directory. For uninstalling, simply delete LOGO.SYS.
  16. If you have problem with Windows Update after installing version 1.6.2, you must run these commands (from Start-Run): regsvr32 wintrust.dll regsvr32 cryptdlg.dll regsvr32 rsaenh.dll
  17. Hi all, I'm the author of the Unofficial Windows 98 SE Service Pack. Unofficial Win98 SE SP Web Site I need a forum page/section for my unofficial service pack. Now I'm working on the next version (2.0), and I need feedback from users. Also I want to release some beta on the forum only. Can you help me? Thanks!
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