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  1. Can you add VIA RAID drivers to this program? Thanx JIM
  2. You have to copy them to the TXTSETUP.SIF folder in the i386 folder in the copy of win xp the you copied to your hdd. Jim
  3. has not set their status

  4. Well I copied all the code just the way gdragon said and now when I put the startup disc that I burned it starts copying the drivers files, then it goes to "Starting Windows" then I get the BSOD that says "Unmountable Drive" with the following code ***STOP: 0x000000ED,(0x889AB030, 0xC0000304,0x00000000, 0x00000000). What am I doing wrong? Somebody please help me. I've been wrestling with trying to get the drivers recognized at setup so I can install the VIA Raid drivers necessary to install windows on my SATA drives. Thanx Jim
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