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  1. http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/139877-post-sp1-updates-for-windows-7-updated-13052014/page-18#entry1077997 Merci Tommorow , ...i do get an alarm from Zonealarm when installing it ..a false positive i reckon , something to work with , thx again!
  2. Thank you again bp i,m looking now at some of the wintoolkit Guide,s you mentioned , .. i,m just a homeuser i recently bought 2 Samsung Evo ssd,s, thinking would,d it be nice to make a great slimmed down Os installation for it aswell , the one i made with Rt is lying here on a Disk , tried it out on a Virtual Machine , went well ( installation and coming to desktop ) , i liked the Blackviper prefix they do have in Rt ,i,ve no idea if it,l work on a long time term , i saw a quik look just now on the Wintoolkit you mentioned that is stil being maintained? wich feels emediatly more trustworthy somehow , let me take a more deep plunge into this thing called slipstreaming , haha ^_ thanks again for your insight !
  3. Hi bp ..Thx for pointing that out to me , i,m not aware of the commonly used techniques at the moment when making a safe and practical Image , i started being interested about 3 day,s ago & just did a google search Rt7 got a lot of hit,s so i basicly went ond go on about it with it , did,t came about many negative responses either . Do you maybe have some suggestion,s then to go about it with other tool,s ? i used Wud Windows updates downloader ( http://www.windowsupdatesdownloader.com/Default.aspx ) wich seem,s allright All suggestion,s are greatly appreciated , thx again for your response
  4. Hello all , so i,m quite new with making slipstreamed images of Windows 7 , i made my first slipstreamed Os yesterday using RT7 Lite Beta 2.60 Everything went fine , but i wonder how do i add let,s say netframework 4.5.1 wich is an exe & Adobe Reader wich is an msi , the updates tab in Rt7 accepts only msu extension,s ( i think ) Can i add these item,s only under the Application,s tab then? any pointer,s would be greatly appreciated & thanks alot for your insight ~!
  5. Thx steven4554 i was looking around for this Tho i wonder i,m quite new to making a slipstreamed Os , i saw the netframework 4.5.1 is an exe & the Adobe Reader is an msi How do i integrate this into the image ? , i,m using Rt7 Lite ( latest Beta ) , can anyone give me some pointer,s perhap,s Apologies if i go a little off topic
  6. Hi lwjohns , thank you for this post , i was looking around for this i,m wondering tho , i,m quit new to making a slipstreamed version of W7 , i saw the Netframework 4.5.1 is an installer file & the Adobe Reader an msi extension . how do i integrate this into the Image? i,m using the latest Rt7 lite Beta , should i add , let,s say the netframework 4 exe under the application,s Tab ? , ( assuming , for ease that perhap,s most here use it aswell ) Apologies if i go a little off topic , trying to learn as i go about it thx again
  7. Okay Thx again for the quik replies Johnc & Brat , great so basicly the only thing i have to do is add SP3 ( and perhaps additional updates that come after it ) and set the new key aswell in the program and it should work . When i buy an new Vallidation Key i,l give it a try
  8. Thks for the quik replies already , 46 attempts Sousemouse ? ... ..dam , i knew it was an good idea to ask around first before goin about it first:lol:, i imagine i,l beat your 46 attempts with maybe an 146 attempts , so what kind of problems you ran into when trying to make 1 then ? Thks Johnc also for the quik reply , okay so it seems it,s an good idea to test it with an Virtual system, i will do that , and only SP3 is enough for the new Instal Disk you say ? Does SP3 contain all updates prior too SP3 , like SP2 and 1 ? , i guess it does but i,m not sure . Ah yes sry bout mentioning that about the crack thing , i,m planning to buy an key or an new OEM version of Windows Xp , so if i have a new Key can i simply implement it in the Nlite instal disk? ... i think it does but again i,m not sure
  9. Hi all i,m Fernando and i just registerd because i want to try and make an new " slipstreamed " Installation Windows Xp Pro ( 32 bit ) Install Disk using the Nlite Software , because my old one doesn,t has an single update nor an Service Pack on it , but i must be honest my tech savy with Computers is medium to bad and so i deceided to register and ask for some help or good suggestions to start of with. i think i got the basics of using Nlite i read the guides posted , there very clear and informative , well done Authors , but i,ve also read on different topics posted that numerous problems may occur when trying to make an Instal Disk using Nlite, so i,m trying to make this as fault proof as possible before i attempt making an new Disk so i might ask anlot of questions. Okay what i like to make is an fully upgraded Windows Xp instalation DVD with ALL possible updates and service Packs & my Hardware Drivers , i,ve read Fernando1 ,s ( another fernando:sneaky: ) Stickie on integrating the Intel Drivers and i think i.l manage doin that , ( atleast i hope ). Okay this is what i believe how i should go about it using Nlite: 1:Copy all original Windows Files from disk to HD 2: perhaps make an back up of them in case something goes wrong 3:fire up Nlite let it read the install maps 4: pick tasks 5:Download service packs & integrate them 6:Download Hotfixes/additional updates and integrate them aswell 7:Integrate Hardware drivers 8:disable any unwanted Components & configure the instal options 9:Burn it on DVD 10 i,d like to test the new Instal DVD using the Virtual software mentioned in the Nlite FAQ , no cleu how that procces will work but it seems like an good idea:thumbup hope i got it all right , i think so , if not please correct me , i think i,l manage doin most of these steps but i,ve no cleu wich updates and service packs should i add ? is for example only Service pack 3 & all updates after that good enough for an good up to date instalation DVD, or should i also add Service pack 2 & additional updates ? i know this requires at least some basic windows knowledge , wich i don,t have much ^^ so therefore i ask , also i like to make , maybe when i know how to use this an more " tailored version " removing & not adding some components of Windows because i read anlot that this improves performance , but that will be another Project maybe later on first i,l try and make a good usuable Instal Disk with all updates & Hardware Drivers Also my Windows installation CD doesn,t come with an Licence Key i used an WGA Crack to make it work in Windows itself , so i wonder how i should go about this , i don,t want to use such cracks again i worry they contain nastiness ( virusses ) so i want an official thing so i,m gonna buy an key i think and use that , can i use that new key in Nlite aswell ? okay let,s start of with these Questions i would be very gratefull for any suggestions , good ideas for starting of with Thx anlot in advance , Fernando

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