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  1. Hello one and all.... I have 4 files need to be make a boot DVD which having no floppy drive for my pc. I have *.bin File to be executed from Bootable DVD... Please make a detailed steps as i am not well about it. Thank you in advance.....
  2. How to Add *.img File of ghost to a bootable DVD Without Floppy

    If so please can u say what programme to use it........
  3. Bootable Ghost CD to deploy images - GUIDE

    I have done all the guide....But failed to load Ghost file from DVD......Drive is not showing in ghost application...
  4. Hello all, Firstly i request admin and mods and members that i dont get where to request for this tutorial so, i requesting here...Please help me... I have made a ghost file (*.gho) of 1.8 GB but i didnt know how to burn it to a bootable DVD with ghost programme. I tried the tutorials given by friends here (msfn.org) but failed.... I have Norton Ghost 2003 and also Hirens boot Cd 10.5 (Ghost 11.5).... I dont have a floppy drive...If any file needed to download can u please specify link also. Now can any one tell me how to burn it with above particulars to a Single DVD which boot to ghost and can locate the image file on that DVD. Can you give me detail procedure as i am not good at ghost software.... If possible please give me figure description..... Thank you all in advance.
  5. Net Framework 2.0 addon for nLite

    Link deleted...Any one update please..........