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  1. there are a lots of changes in my batch cmd since the preview i gave to wimb, i think i include cmd to copy bootmgr from system reserved on the preview. he will fix it anyway, he much better then me in making program , i am just a beginner on my batch cmd there are options to use boot.wim and bootmgr from setup dvd or system repair cd. it will look for file :\sources\boot.wim, so it could be setup dvd/system repair cd/iso file/usb flash disk or any partitions. @wimb and @Kullenen_Ask do you have windows 7 other than en-US with system reserved partition installed? if yes, can you help me to see "volume label" of system reserved using diskpart. on en-ES version it is reads as "System Rese" , i want to includes commands to automatically assign drive letter for system reserved but i am not sure the "Volume label" will be the same for all language versions.
  2. @Kullenen_Ask when you said it doesn't copy file "bootmgr" do you mean you build using Wimb's Make_PE3 or using My_7PE.cmd? because you replying to wimb's post but quoting my readme file, it is confusing me @wimb i tested your latest build, like Kullenen_Ask said it does not copy bootmgr from "system reserved". looks like your Make_PE3 needs to temporary assign drive letter for System Reserved. we can temporary assign drive letter using diskpart /s, either manually or automatically with get volume name first.
  3. i use windows 7 RTM DVD. there are 4 setup.exe in dvd 1. dvddrive\setup.exe this one can be execute from windows to upgrade 2. dvddrive\sources\setup.exe this one can be execute from windows to upgrade 3. mounted PE x:\setup.exe this one as a normal install execute from PE (i use this one same as from boot.wim) 4. mounted PE x:\sources\setup.exe this one has larger file size, i don't know what this file for. but i can use this file as installer as well. i mean use winre to install is to executes installer, same as what boot.wim does. and i have all the required files (include install.wim) in usb. yes i have the same questions with you. why there are 2 images in boot.wim, and i have read similar question in others forum but i still can not get clear answer.
  4. here is packages listing, winre packages=boot.wim image 2 packages. you did not post your winre packages, only boot.wim image 1 and 2. different shell could be same packages/files/registry, winre start recovery shell, winsetup (boot.wim) start setup.exe. but you can start recovery from command winsetup, and the other hand you can start setup.exe in winre. (btw i use windows PE from winre image to install windows 7) boot.wim image 2 boot.wim image 1
  5. hi Wimb, i just post My_7PE.cmd here : http://www.boot-land.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=11801 perhaps you want to take a look what has been changes since the preview. (i add some more registry tweaks) i use dism to detect image number, international settings and distribution language. @Kullenen_Ask on my experiment boot.wim(index2) EQUAL winre.wim(index 1) > only different shell boot.wim(index1) NOT EQUAL winre.wim(index 1) boot.wim(index1) NO BOOT FLAG boot.wim(index2) HAS BOOT FLAG winre.wim(index 1) HAS BOOT FLAG it has been tested on Ultimate/en-US language, i don't know if boot flag/image index will different with others distribution.
  6. hi wimb the pop-ups issue for card readers still occur, even with pe from WAIK build using your make_pe3. i change the way startnet.cmd looking for pstart.exe, wallpaper and asuite/start.exe. (search all the files from z-c then stop if files are found, instead of original startnet looking for each files in every drives even if files already found). at least it will minimize the pop-ups occurence for the missing files only. on my pc, card reader drives always get drive letter before usb flash disk letter, so i don't get any pop-ups anymore. and for audio support, finally i got it working i made some changes to get audio working. - add file dsound.dll (required for foobar. vlc and winamp did not work even on running windows 7) - your audio_fix.cmd is good but add reg value did not work for my sound device. (error device not found). i add reg value for my dev id now it is works. but again on different hardware i need different reg value to get it working. is it need different value on different dev id? i almost finish my batch command, will post it when ready.
  7. hi Wimb i sent download link to your PM because it does not finish yet (i did not provide any readme.txt and credits) jfyi, this batch command does not make iso file, it is use diskpart to format ufd and boot directly to boot.wim. hope it will usefull to your project. regards
  8. indeed, so every windows 7 user can build PE with minimum resources. i will translate to english and upload it if i have some time tomorrow. OOT do you have your own thread at boot-land? i would like to post all my reply at boot-land but i couldn't find thread about make_pe3, so i registered and posted here. (my nick at boot-land is tsetya)
  9. i made (experiment) a batch command to build PE without WAIK, here summary of my batch command > using PE image either from Recovery folder (winre.wim), System Repair Disc or Install DVD image no 2 (i made comparison, all of them same packages/files and registry, only different shell and image number) > copy required files using file list from Wimb's Make_PE3 (thanks to Wimb) , either from windows 7 installed or from install.wim (optional, can be usefull to build PE from Windows 7 PE when no windows 7 PC available) > use DISM to mount/unmount and add driver > use registry HKLM/SOFTWARE and HKLM/SYSTEM from Wimb's Make_PE3 (thanks to Wimb), but i have to reduce the registry because some of them already there. reduce HKLM/SOFTWARE to 8MB and HKLM/SYSTEM to 91KB. Some HKLM/SOFTWARE can not be imported because permission was sets to "trusted installer", so i register it at boot. > HKCU registry imported to Windows/system32/config/DEFAULT > final boot.wim size about 220MB. > I did not remove any packages/files from original boot.wim because i want to use my UFD as "live os"/repair tools and installer. example use: i can boot my UFD to this PE to create VHD from disk management (i hate to use command line every time), then install windows 7 to VHD from this PE. unfortunatelly, i made a simple batch command only for en-US language and windows 7 32 bit, and also in Indonesian dialog. if somebody interesting to see my batch command/registry set, i will try to translate to english language and upload it.
  10. made further testing, i found it failed only at first run Make_PE3.cmd run again make_pe3 for 2nd time (already exist work folder C:\winpe3_x86) it will build succesfully. i add pause command at line 1136, it shows this The system cannot find the file PE3_mod\WIN7_add\x86\WIN7_add_explor.txt. Press any key to continue . . . i think that's why it failed to copy WIN7_add_explor files, but i couldn't find relevancies with work folder C:\winpe3_x86
  11. yes i run as administrator (i always turn off uac) there was no error message, select E (explorer shell) then build using option 3 or 2+4 same result. here is my finding > windows 7 files copy to Make_PE3\PE3_mod\WIN7_add\x86 is OK > load and import registry is OK > files copy from Make_PE3\PE3_mod\WIN7_add\x86 to C:\winpe3_x86\mount is NOT OK it say 264 files copied but files required for explorer shell were not copied, resulting "unable to launch selected shell" when boot this iso (same as aaaaalex1994 screenshot) i see some changes in Make_PE3.cmd, and found new remarks at lines 1029/1030/1031/1135 :: IF "%explor%" == "YES" ( :: xcopy.exe "%TP%\%W7add%\%ARCH%\*.*" "%PEWork%\mount\" /i /k /e /r /y /h :: ) ELSE ( i don't know if you intentionally add those remarks and change with other commands to copy files from Make_PE3\PE3_mod\WIN7_add\x86 to C:\winpe3_x86\mount but i made a test with removing those remarks and build PE image with explorer shell, files was copied now and iso image build succesfully.
  12. @wimb, latest build Make_PE3 has error on Make_PE3.cmd build image using Make_PE3.cmd with explorer shell option, files were not copied into PE image. boot.wim file only 131 MB, thus explorer shell not working. build image using Make_PE3.exe has no problem. @aaaaalex1994, try to build using Make_PE3.exe regards
  13. sorry, didn't notice sideeffect. it is not essential tweak anyway, we can live with shortcut arrow all my test using ufd (either grub4dos -> iso or bootmgr -> boot.wim ) or vmware/virtual pc -> iso, will test boot iso from hardisk. good to hear the updates, will test it if i have some time. great works wimb i have a question, in your PE3_CUSTOM.reg there is registry setting for vds allignment ; Partitioning with 63 Hidden Sectors like used in XP - Alignment 7e00 = 63 * 512 bytes [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\services\vds\Alignment] @="Alignment Settings in Bytes" "Between4_8GB"=dword:00007e00 "Between8_32GB"=dword:00007e00 "GreaterThan32GB"=dword:00007e00 "LessThan4GB"=dword:00007e00 why it is set to hex 7e00 (dec 32256) instead of dec 0 as i read from this microsoft kb: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/931760 maybe i overlooked some information?
  14. what windows version? and how you build your PE? those registry for windows 7 x86 (32bit), i can not test for 64 bit beacuse i dont have it. sorry i did not post complete step because my post is meant for wimb, in case he can manage to get it works and integrates to his Make_PE3. however, if you interest to make it work, this is complete step. 1. download my PE3-SOFTWARE_CUSTOM.reg and PE3-SYSTEM_CUSTOM.reg , extract to folder: Make_PE3\PE3_mod\PE3_reg\x86 if you are using others windows version, extract Make_PE3\PE3_mod\PE3_reg\ia64 or Make_PE3\PE3_mod\PE3_reg\amd64 , but i am not sure if it is work. 2. edit file Make_PE3\PE3_mod\PE3_add\x86\Windows\System32\startnet.cmd and add these lines (you can add commands before of after pstart command) for %%p in (a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z) do if exist %%p:\wallpaper.jpg "%ProgramFiles%\Wall-Cmd\WallCmd.exe" "%%p:\wallpaper.jpg" for %%p in (a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z) do if exist %%p:\wallpaper.bmp "%ProgramFiles%\Wall-Cmd\WallCmd.exe" "%%p:\wallpaper.bmp" 3. edit file Make_PE3.cmd to register those CUSTOM.reg, you can find reg import commands in :_valid_pe section. add reg import for CUSTOM.reg after wimb registry like this reg import "%TP%\PE3_mod\PE3_reg\%ARCH%\PE3-SYSTEM_WLAN.reg" >nul reg import "%TP%\PE3_mod\PE3_reg\%ARCH%\PE3-SYSTEM_LANMAN.reg" >nul reg import "%TP%\PE3_mod\PE3_reg\%ARCH%\PE3-SYSTEM_CUSTOM.reg" >nul reg import "%TP%\PE3_mod\PE3_reg\%ARCH%\PE3-SOFTWARE_MMC.reg" >nul reg import "%TP%\PE3_mod\PE3_reg\%ARCH%\PE3-SOFTWARE_CLID.reg" >nul reg import "%TP%\PE3_mod\PE3_reg\%ARCH%\PE3-SOFTWARE_CUSTOM.reg" >nul 4. build your PE using Make_PE3.cmd. 5. put your background picture on the root of usb flash disk, rename it to wallpaper.bmp or wallpaper.jpg this is my screenshot
  15. did not work? strange. what windows version do you use? mine 32bit. for control panel yes it is still does not work, you have to use wallcmd.exe to change background. thats why i put extra command in startnet.cmd to load wallpaper.jpg/wallpaper.bmp on the root of ufd. (you can make shorcut on start menu too) if you don't add any extra command, it will load grey winpe.bmp as default background. try download this http://www.mediafire.com/?wdmwntdjgyo add commands to yours Make_PE3 batch command to register those PE3-SYSTEM_CUSTOM.reg and PE3-SOFTWARE_CUSTOM.reg add those at last registry to be added, because (i think) yours clid also register shortcut arrow. reg import "%TP%\PE3_mod\PE3_reg\%ARCH%\PE3-SYSTEM_WLAN.reg" >nul reg import "%TP%\PE3_mod\PE3_reg\%ARCH%\PE3-SYSTEM_LANMAN.reg" >nul reg import "%TP%\PE3_mod\PE3_reg\%ARCH%\PE3-SYSTEM_CUSTOM.reg" >nul reg import "%TP%\PE3_mod\PE3_reg\%ARCH%\PE3-SOFTWARE_MMC.reg" >nul reg import "%TP%\PE3_mod\PE3_reg\%ARCH%\PE3-SOFTWARE_CLID.reg" >nul reg import "%TP%\PE3_mod\PE3_reg\%ARCH%\PE3-SOFTWARE_CUSTOM.reg" >nul note : those registry already included copyto/moveto/commandprompthere/winpecachethershold/removeshorcutarrow. try to build using explorer shell option only, do not add opimization option.
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