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  1. Post-RTM Updates for Windows 7 (Discontinued)

    Strange, maybe it was corrupted from a bad download, anyway, i've released some new UL's dated 24th June at the top of this page, so it should help get you those important June updates. Thanks, now I get this... is that all there is to it? The pop up says it installed everything, but all it took was 2 seconds?
  2. Post-RTM Updates for Windows 7 (Discontinued)

    I have tried again to download this, but all I get an index file 10kb worth... with a pop up, saying it cannot open it... When I go to my WUD 2.50 built 998, all it offers are the May downloads, from 5-11, which I already have.... Where did I take a wrong turn?
  3. WMP 11

    Thank you, problem solved. I was checking in the right place, but (to me oiviously) under the name Windows Media Player, and not unter Media. The re-install worked, but all the file grabbing of WMP11 is also back... I will have to live with it... Thank you, everybody. HL
  4. WMP 11

    Thank you... I did not install anything extra, I simply looked through 7 and sooner or later ended at a point where I could un-install it. I was surprised myself, I had not known, that it would be possible. So, there is no place on the internet where one can download WMP11 or even 12 other than at MS?
  5. WMP 11

    Hello, I have a really weird problem..... I need to download WMP11. I use Windows 7, which can only install #11. I always use vlc, but now I find that there are certain webpages like hp that demand WMP, which I uninstalled, because it interferred in too many places. I tried to download it from MS, but they tell me my Windows is no longer genuine..... Is there a place other than MS, where I can download WMP11? Thanks. HL
  6. latest upodates?

    I tried to download the "june tuesday" update, but my uploader still only showed the ones fron May 11.... am I doing something wrong?
  7. Post-RTM Updates for Windows 7 (Discontinued)

    Thank you, that is precisely what I wanted to know.. Thanks again for the great work you guys are doing for all of us beginners. By now I understand at least enough to really appreciate that... See you after June-Tuesday.
  8. Post-RTM Updates for Windows 7 (Discontinued)

    It's a bug in WUD build 998 that makes it think that there is a build 999, but there is not, though build 1000 is available, but you will get the same results. My advise would be to disable WUD checking for updates to stop it nagging you to download the so-called build 999. Here's a link to a picture showing how to disable checking for updates in WUD:- http://public.bay.livefilestore.com/y1p79HtgmHGAitfTaOBNNIOX6QXsJAOceUwNp3UiusGGYpXOElzDYvlVAoc3ic32g4w_VtigV87lQEIK3muWLlqjQ/wud-disable.jpg Thanks I will do that, (one minute later:) worked perfectly. I am still not clear about where to check for latest list of the non-harmful Windows 7 updates. I only got this computer with 7 about a week ago, very first thing I did, I installed the updates from MS, except for the one I knew might cause a problem. How do I proceed from now on? The ones from May's Tuesday for example... I have installed the latest of your lists and can simply download all of it, it will select by itself what is not already there?
  9. Post-RTM Updates for Windows 7 (Discontinued)

    I have downloaded Build 998 of the downloader and am asked to download 999, but it does not take me to the link ???? I am a fairly old man, fairly new to computers, so please be patient. The download list from steven 4554 is a list without any so-called "risky downloads" that might harm my computer, as described on the MyDigitalLife Forum, I assume? Thanks Steven, seems to be great work, but where is that Build 999, does it exist? Gretings, and thanks again, Hannibal Lecter