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  1. See here. I've worked on it before, but it IS NOT a simple process.
  2. I've actually had some succes in this area that can be trivially accomplished with a Hex Editor: Just search for the hex values "94453300" (in SETUPLDR.BIN), the value immediatly after that is the coloring. In this example, I changed it to 4E. 4 = Dark Red (Background), E = Bright Yellow (Text). Notice, the value is in a seemingly insignificant area, which is what makes finding the value to modify rather tricky :| Never the less, atleast now you have proof it can be done. I'll be moving on to other values in short time, because after my success with that, I can't help but wonder what all else can successfully be changed. A color table can be found at VirtualPlastic.
  3. From what I've noticed, they appear to have removed the Pro and Home sections in SP3 so they all use the same boot screen now. But, oddly enough, appear to have added "Server Family"
  4. I know this post is old, but it doesn't have any replies for a good reason. First off, that screen is actually spread across 3 seperate files in the installation process (The installers are chainloaded). Second, SETUPLDR.bin has a CRC check built into it, which means even when it is modified, it would never actually run if the CRC of the program doesn't match the CRC the program checks for. I've managed to modify it once, changing the background to Red and the font to Yellow, but take it from me, it wasn't worth the trouble at all. I had to strip the 20k of 16-bit header to leave the 32-bit PE, open it in IDA Pro to find the actual code for the coloring (It was labelled "TextGrSetCurrentAttribute" according to the debug symbol), trace it back to the variable, and then modify the variable. Afterwards, I had to add the 16-bit header back in, generate a new CRC, and then modify the CRC Check to reflect the code changes. Not something most would want to attempt simply with a hex editor, and even after all that work, after it said "Loading Windows Executive" at the bottom, it changed back to the default Grey on Blue. A lot of work for something that only displays for 3 seconds If someone ever figures out a more conventional method though, I'd love to know. I only leave this response, because this is still the #1 result on Google for "Modify SETUPLDR"

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