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  1. Add item to folder context menu?

    Thats some interesting reading thanks, .
  2. Add item to folder context menu?

    Actualy yes im looking for a way to add my own "Open with Notepad Advanced" etc to my right click menu etc but i've been probably looking into the wrong places, . If i find anything though i'll report back asap and let you know how, where etc.
  3. Increase your HD size for Free

    Sounds too dangerous to me but good luck to those who do actualy manage to enlarge their drives, .
  4. WHat you guys think?

    Yeah man it is real nice that, Great work mate.
  5. Auto Refresh Internet explorer

    If you were using firefox i would be able to help you because there is such a plugin /extention for firefox that you can set it to auto refresh pages at time interval from 5 seconds to 15 mins or a custom time ie: 15+ And for anyone with firefox that extention for firefox is called: ReloadEvery and found HERE: I am sorry that i cant help you more with your original question regarding internet explorer though...
  6. IP Sig

    This is exellent, i've been looking in all the wrong places for al lthis time and just out of pure luck someone asked me where to get the dansoft sig from and when i did a quick google i found all this info right here, thank you! Now to get working on my new signature, "EDIT" Well it seems like my brain has given up on me so what i would like is for someone to help me out if you can. Will someone show me the exact code and files they are using or i need to use to get a signature working? I would be very grateful for the help as i've been at this since my original post time and still it's not working.
  7. Send to

    I too would like to know this as it would make sending things to a few different places just a tad easier
  8. Order your Free XPSP2 update CD now.

    Strangely enough i was just browsing the website looking for this Ty...