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  1. OK, I am not programmer(perhaps "repairer") - it was just an attempt This sample is not applicable only due to size restrictions - work only on FAT12 mode with max FAT12 limit 32MB. Extended functions(defrag,scandisk,format...) are not necessary here - it's a ramdisk(after reboot is content deletet) When switch it to FAT16 mode(need code repair),this extend the size to max 4GB (64k x 64k) and this may be applicable ---------- Yes, I know, that there are a lot of other functional solutions,but original XP ramdisk.sys is not sample. Why does not work and why is implemented to XP install CD, when is not working?
  2. Ok, solved - this must be recompiled for XP. I try it with WDK 7600.16385.1 and RAM disk is under XP SP3 now working -but max size is only 32MB... - in pnp.c is changed FILE_DEVICE_VIRTUAL_DISK to FILE_DEVICE_DISK if you want to try it, dwnload is in the attachment 1/Extract all files from archive to any folder and copy here your ramdisk.inf from \WINDOWS\inf\ directory 2/Delete or rename ramdisk.sys in \WINDOWS\system32\dllcache 3/Add new hardware-->yes hardware is installed-->add new hardware-->select from list-->view all-->,from FDD-->.use folder, where is extracted this driver and install it. 4/ ! NO allow automatic repair this custom ramdisk.sys from CD, when asked ! 5/Import SETTINGS.reg to registry and reboot PC XP_RAM_disk_drv.rar
  3. Best FW for XP is Sygate personal firewall (PRO). 5.5.2710(latest stable) -very old, but better than other newer, minimal system requirements, well configurable, no call home...
  4. Hello, i need help with installation of MS ramdisk driver under XP https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/257405 - here is no info where add this entries to registry,(no path...) - DiskSize, DriveLetter... instal from this package - not complette (xp not supported) instal from original windows drivers is complette, but not working after add Items to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Services\Ramdisk\Parameters and restart - not working if i change original xp files RAMDISK.INF and RAMDISK.SYS to files(+dllcache) from top ms link - not working. All is installed (controller+volume), but RAM disk is not visible in UI and can´t configure it. What is the registry path for the configuration? Thx

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