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  1. Hey guys, I have now tried this twice with different CA cables to no avail. If anyone is located in Australia and has successfully unbricked one of these drives, it would be a godsend if I could buy your working adapter off you or even pay you to unbrick the drive. The data on the disk is invaluable. PM me if anyone is keen, cheers.
  2. Cheers for that mate, I will post an update when I hopefully get my hands on my lost data again ._.
  3. Yer I planned on doing that, the connectors were a bit loose in there before I pinched them! Another thing, connecting the wires from the CA-42 cable to the other end of this audio cable, is it possible just to wrap them together in electrical tape or sticky tape? I know it would be best to solder them although I don't have the equipment on hand. Twisting the exposed wires from the two different cables together tightly together and then taping them should be fine yer?
  4. Any advice on the following would be much appreciated. I am about to apply this fix for the BSY error with a CA-42 cable, but would like some confirmation before I begin.. The CD drive audio cable I will use to connect the CA-42 cable to the hard disk The connectors that will go into the hard disk Simple as that? I am just wondering if simply placing these jumpers directly into the hard disk ports as showed above will work? I will use electrical tape around the majority of the connector so that they don't make contact during the process, but is placing these connectors straight on the seagate fine? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Thanks to Seagate's utter incompetence and willingness to disregard their customers, I find myself here after finding my ST3500320AS is now completely bricked. I have studied this thread as thoroughly as I think I need to complete the fix, although with minimal electronics knowledge I have one main question. I am going to use the CA-42 cabling method as I have a few on hand that seem to be in working order, but my question comes in regards to the connection between the cable wires and the PCB. I have no soldering equipment so anything to do with that is not an option, are there some sort of jumpers I can purchase that will fit the PCB connection? What would the consequence be if the RX-TX wires accidently shorted during the terminal session? If someone could provide close up pictures of their cable wire to PCB connections it would be much appreciated. Are there any hints or tricks without the need of a soldering iron? I don't want the connections to drop out midway through the terminal session or at any stage of the process to be honest. Cheers in advance for anyone who provide help
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