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  1. i have the same problem with IE6, the desktop icon starts the "open with" dialog, also IE doesn't show up in the start menu (set to classic), however it appears in c:\program files\internet explorer. i also can't run windows update properly with this messed up IE and IE7 won't install either. can anyone confirm if this also happens with older (1.21) versions of nlite? i use 1.3
  2. version 5 can be installed this way : extract the msi which lies in the setup.exe, then run the msi with the following parameters: /qn /qb /quiet unfortunately a window pops up after install which ask wether to search for updates or not... i don't know if there is a serial number questioning while setup
  3. now i am p***ed off...just went through 900 dll files just to find out that the setup background really is a bmp file that lies in the i386 folder. its called setup_w.bm_ just expand it and alter it the way you want. D'OHHHHHH
  4. i went through the tools but didnt find a setting for this. any other ideas ?
  5. hi there! is there a reg tweak that will make windows arrange the desktop icons automatically so i could import that tweak into my unattended files? tried 2 registry-tools that watch changes, but they gave me tons of garbage.
  6. in xp you can change the setup bmp in the wintbbu.dll file , is this also possible in win 2000 ? i cant find this file there in the i386 folder, is there another one ? there is some background image when installing win 2000, so changing it should be possible i think
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