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  1. I recall reading somewhere that the driver installation is done in the order of the name of the driver directories, ex 001 comes before 002, I will try to get it working one more time and if that doesn't work, I'll attach the lastsession information, as I am not sure it is the right sm bus driver, because dell doesn't have an inspiron 1521 smbus driver on it's website for xp. Edit: I finally found one for an opteron system that installs for the inspiron, so all my drivers are up and running. Still, being able to change driver installation order would be nice if one driver needs another one to be previously installed.
  2. I posted a reply on someone elses thread and realize I should give this it's own thread as reading through hasn't really given me any answers as to how to accomplish my task. I am needing to install chipset drivers then soundcard drivers, then dotnet 2.0, then video card drivers. Is there a way to do this with nlite? Specifically the chipset and soundcard drivers are needed for the architecture of the machine to be discovered correctly, then dotnet needs to be installed so the video card drivers and smbus drivers can install without an error. It's XP on an inspiron 1521. Having lots of trouble with the sm bus driver and can't get it working properly, having to reinstall numerous times to try different driver orders, but nliteing doesn't allow me to change the order.
  3. Is there a way to set which order drivers and hotfixes install? Like specific drivers first, then other drivers, then hotfixes? I want to install 2 drivers, then dotnet 2.0, then other drivers, any hope for me?

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