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  1. Hi, i've a question about Vista /7 boot and drivers loading: Do you know if it's possible to integrate cfadisk or dummy filter for the boot install of Vista/7 ? because when i use WinsetupfromUSB 1 beta 6 ( and other ) and copy Vista /7 sources on a no first partition on my usb stick ( parted thanks to dummy.sys ), the system boot, i can choose the language, and after a loading time, the system ask me drivers for a CD/USB device I've try Vlite, but same problem. I've try loading cfadisk and dummy filter, when he ask me drivers but same problem. i've any chance for found a solution ? Thanks.
  2. hello all, Thanks for your help , my usb stick works fine now for bart and WinXPinstall from no-first partition For some reason i've got rename dummydisk.sys to cfadisk.sys ... Anyway Edit: Is there a similar solution to install win7/Vista from a USB drive partitioned in the same way? Because if i copy my install file to no-first partition and run the install, i've the same problem as "baritone" ( first post to page 44 ).
  3. Yes, i'm using Dummydisk.sys, but it's from Windows already on my computer, for use Winsetupfromusb. And i don't know how to integrate this driver in my Bart or Win setup on the usb stick . I check it Thanks. edit: @cbod I already read this thread, but i don't understand how to add the filter in BartPE ... and idem for WinXP ... i've never used cfadisk ... I've understand all step , but i need generic filter if possible. Dummy is perfect for me, but i need training skill Any .cab plugin for BartPE exist with generic cfadisk ? Another question : cfadisk work for x64 system ?
  4. I'm back with "new" problem, i always use the last beta. I use a usb pendrive 16GB parted with 4 partitions. When i deploy a BartPE on the first partition, the system boot. If i use any other partition with same filesystem ( FAT or NTFS ), i've a BSOD (07b) ... it's a problem with my filesystem ? partition method ? drivers ? Same problem with my XP install, after the first blue page with driver charging, "wait black screen" , and same BSOD ... always on NO first Partition. an Idea plz ? Ps: if you want , i can use googletranslator for my craps english . edit: it possibly my bios ... but on my laptop native usb2 Dell D630 and on my destop with msi neo-combo2 motheboard, it's same problem... i've try change the bios option : Hypertheading, multi CPU usage ... always BSOD.
  5. I've found my problem, in txtsetup.sif i need change [SetupData] - SetupSourcePath ="\WINSETUP\*****\" - - BootPath="\WINSETUP\*****\I386\" to [SetupData] - SetupSourcePath ="\WINSETUP\XPhSP2\" - - BootPath="\WINSETUP\XPhSP2\I386\" now the installation start fine. i'll try a full install tomorrow. Thanks
  6. txtsetup.sif from original CD windows XP home SP2 FR --> here i rebuild the mini iso or the source iso ? because the mini iso with the txtsetup.sif moded don't work, i've the same error.
  7. hi guys, thanks for all your works ! I follow the thread and program since a long time , but i've a new problem ( beta 1.6 ): i'm french ( it's not the problem ) and on my usb key, i want integrate WinXP home(sp2 FR) . The new method for transfert the datas create an iso and copy other file in a directory with same iso'name. The real problem is a wrong letter in the iso name : WindowsXP�""ditionfamilialeSP2.ISO in winsetup.lst where "" is au litle cube in windows explorer, and a 'maj' "é" in grub. So when i "force" the boot with changing iso name -> wxphsp3.iso for example and the entry in winsetup.lst i've a litle charging time and an error message " don't found WindowsXP�""ditionfamilialeSP2\i386 ..." Now, how to change the path search file or any other solution ? plz. thanks. ps; i post a part of my winsetupfromusb.log -> LOG edit: a screenshot from the directory in win explorer ->screen

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