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  1. Winpe 3.1 networking issue

    ok, got that working by playing with the reg keys HKLM\Software\Micrsoft\Windows\currentVersion and \Windows nt\current Version as well as the HKLM\System\CS01\Control\ProductOptions. Next, I am trying to get Terminal Services working. I have it working so that I can TS out fo the box to another machine, but am also trying to get it to work so that I can TS to this box. I have the Windows Firewall enabled and have added both an incoming and outgoing rule to allow MSTSC.exe to communicate through the firewall... interestingly enough, I cannot ping the Win PE computer but can ping my computer from the WinPE computer.... I am wondering if the SSTP service has anything to do with this problem? Thoughts anyone?
  2. Winpe 3.1 networking issue

    Sorry that it has been a few days, but finally got it working. I ended up partially rebuilding. Now, one last thing... when I try to go into Windows Media Center, I get a software restriction message. anyone know how to get aroudn this? I have changed the version from WindowsPE to Ultimate in the HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion keys...
  3. Winpe 3.1 networking issue

    Connecting via router and hard line (wired) connection. Router does DHCP I can try to put in a static ip address and see if that will connect....
  4. Winpe 3.1 networking issue

    Actually, you dont have to add them via DISM when building. I have found that as long as they are installed via device manager (or via dpinst command line) BEFORE wpeinit runs, it will find the network and initialize everyithing. I backed up a few steps in my process and now can see all of the network stuff, but still stuck with a 169.xx,xx,xx address and it wont connect to the network. When you look at the Local Area Network it says 'authentication failed' now. anyone encounter this before and know how to resolve it?
  5. Winpe 3.1 networking issue

    All, I am doing a completely manual build of Win pe for my work & have almost everything working, but when I boot up, the Wpeinit doesnt setup the networking. When I go in, I can manually instlal the network card drivers, but then PE automatically gives a 169 addres, says that it is an unknown network and wont show me the prompt to choose what type of network. Also when I go into the properties of the network adaptor, the device doesnt show that there are any network components instlaled and will not allow me to add them manually. any help would be appreciated... (I grabbed the controlset001 from the install dvd and used it to build the pe)