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  1. I don't know, how you can say that. I tried B1 and 2, they both sucks, hanging my PC almost every time I click on any icon on the desktop or open a program window from Tray. Tihiy appears to abandon all his projects without finishing long time ago. May be someone would be interested to pickup where he left, fix the bugs and finish the project. It looks like a valuable tool to me, if working correctly. I've RP 9.1 installed and working OK, but taking even more dedicated memory (which is tiny by default) than without it.
  2. Thanks. If not ANY program, what kind of XP programs KernelEx is supposed to run in Win98SE? It was also mentioned, MS Unicode Layer unicows.dll is supported and required for using KernelEx, so I was thinking, applications wouldn't need to call or support unicows.lib, since KernelEx would do a universally good job for them as a layer with Unicode support in Win 98. In that sense, why would Universal Extractor need to support Win98, when the whole point of using KernelEx is to run programs that don't support Win98 on their own?
  3. Another issue with KernelEx 4.5 Beta 2 on Win98SE: DriveSoft runs OK without install. It asks for mfc42u.dll file from Windows VisualStudio redistributable vc6redistsetup_enu.exe. I unpacked the .exe file with 7zip, and copied mfc42u.dll to system folder and registered it with regsvr32. DriveSoft runs normally now, but doesn't work: it scans the PC connected drives, but can't open any of them giving error: "Can't open the drive. The system can't find the file specified". DriveSort is needed to sort the files before playing movies on a standalone DVD player via a USB connected Fat32 hard drive: it sorts the files on the drive by name instead of default by saving sequence. The author answered: "DriveSort will not run under Win98SE because versions of windows older than Windows NT4/2000 have a different way of providing access the low level disk programming interfaces, which DriveSort needs to interact with the FAT and lock your disk while doing so." Can this issue be resolved by KernelEx? It seems to be a valid issue for any Disk Copy program in such case. May be this is the reason for Universal Extractor above to fail too: its plugins can write to disk? But some of those run under Win98SE on their own without problems.
  4. I wanted to report a few problems running some programs with this Beta 2 release in Win98SE: Universal Extractor V1.6 installs normally in compatibility mode, starts normally and runs, but can't extract any files from any archive I tried. It correctly determines the archive type, but gives error: "Extracting failed" with no reason and empty log file. It must be related to some incompatibility, otherwise at least some archive types would extract normally. The program uses a number of plugins to extract various packed files. I also tried to select a XP2 compatibility mode for each plugin separately, but it didn't help. Very helpful program, when looking for particular files packed in .exe archives without installing them. Also questions: does KernelEx automatically support any running program, unless disabled in Compatibility Tab? If yes, what OS compatibility mode it supports by default, if no mode is selected by user? If the same program (like Opera 10.5) can run under many Windows OSs, what its mode would KernelEx auto support by default?

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