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  1. Sorry for bumping (even if it's created by me).

    I use RamDisk Plus for some time.

    I noticed a problem: sometimes (20%) when I start Windows the pagefile isn't created on it.

    The OS reports that the drive has a pagefile:


    But it reports only the one from drive C at "Total paging file size for all drives":


    I restart the computer and most of the times the page file is created again.

    Does anybody has a solution for this problem...?

    Regards, Cosmin

  2. Hi.

    I have a strange problem: my internet browsers sometimes crash when I'm trying to download files. I have Opera and Firefox (latest versions).

    The probability to crash is about 20..30%. Sometimes it does the same when I try to download again exactly in the same conditions, sometimes not. Sometimes the download works fine in the other browser, sometimes not.

    Opera just closes when I click on Save. Firefox shows a crash report.

    This problem appeared a few weeks ago.

    I don't think it's from a virus (my Eset Nod32 Antivirus says nothing).

    OS is Windows XP SP3 x86 with latest updates.

    I thought that the problem was from OS and I reinstall it a few days ago. No change.

    I checked and fixed the errors (small) with partitions, nu change.

    I didn't think that the problem was from RAM and I checked it when I bought it (a year ago) but I checked again, no problems found.

    What could be the cause..?

    Thank you for any idea.


  3. Yes, nLite needs only DotNet 2.0 (which is less "bloatware").

    But I noticed that it requires a higher version so it can read properly from the Last session files.

    With 2.0 it doesn't "see" all the settings.

    With 3.5 SP1 it "see" them all. Maybe works also with a version < 3.5 SP1 (but > 2), I don't know, it needs testing...

    So, if someone doesn't use Last session, 2.0 is good. If he needs Last session to be read properly it should use a newer version.

    Just my opinion...

    Oh, and on my computer I solved the problem with 3.5 SP1: I didn't installed it in Windows XP. Instead I created a lite install with ThinApp for nLite which includes also .Net 3.5 SP1.

    This way DotNet is used only by nLite in a "Sandbox" (virtual computer) and is not slowing down my OS.

    I tested it with a Last session and the result was identical.

    It's just an idea...

  4. It's E.


    The guy has a 2 GB stick with a single primary partition on it.

    I made it bootable with grub4Dos and I asked him to restart the computer (I was talking on the phone with him and I entered on his computer with TeamViewer).

    He said there are a bunch of white messages on black screen (he doesn't know much about computers).

    I asked him to press Space when it says that and after a couple of restarts succeeded.

    From what he was reading to me it's the same problem.

  5. On that virtual HDD I have a partition, of course (NTFS).

    When I said that is "without MBR" I meant that I didn't installed one before installing grub4Dos in MBR.

    And is booting fine when is set as the first HDD in VirtualBox.

    Oh, btw, I use this virtual HDD to simulate that USB external HDD in VirtualBox, so I have about the same data on it.

    Later edit:

    I attached the files for those 2 Virtual HDD's. In them I included only what was really necessary.


    VirtualBox HDD\'s.rar

  6. I managed to generate a error in VirtualBox.

    I don't know if it's normal or not to show it...

    How can you do this: attach 2 HDD; Primary master should be with something else like Windows XP, Primary slave should have Grub4Dos in MBR.

    Start the virtual machine and press F12 to show boot menu.

    Choose 2 (for the second HDD).

    The virtual machine freezes with the message "Missing MBR helper". Oh, the second HDD didn't have a MBR when I used grub4Dos Gui to add one.

  7. I just found out how to hide the "Safely remove hardware" tray icon for my internal Hdd(s).

    I have to add this to registry and reboot:


    I want to add it to XP CD. I already have a reg file who is made addon and it is installed in T-13. I could add this to that file.

    The question is if it's gonna work because I don't know when the SATA driver (integrated with NLite) is installed.

  8. Hi.

    I have 4GB RAM. OS is Windows XP x86.

    It sees only 3 GB. I know about PAE but I tried something else.

    I was advised on other topic to use Ramdisk Plus to access the unmapped area from RAM. And it worked :). I can access 768 MB.

    I made a 768 Ramdrive which is seen by OS as HDD (has GUID also).

    I created a pagefile on it. And it seems that is using it, cause I can't delete it directly.

    Now I have a question: how can I set the OS to first use this pagefile (because it's a lot faster) and, if gets full, to use also HDD pagefile...?

  9. As for testing purposes:

    can you use another USB media?

    I have only a 1 GB Kingston Data Traveler USB Key/Stick..

    can you empty and create a single 120GB partition at 500GB hard disk?

    For testing, yes.

    Was grub4dos integrated to MBR?

    Yes, I always integrate it to MBR.

    Use a windows default MBR at hard disk and add grub4dos to partition boot code.

    Or replace MBR boot code with mbr.bin from syslinux project.

    Ok, I will try.

    One thing: I bought the USB HDD recently. With it I had problems with grub4Dos on 2 computers.

    Before I had a 16 GB Kingston Data Traveler USB Key/Stick. Formatted single primary partition, grub4Dos in MBR.

    With it I had problems on 5..6 computers.

    So it's a strong possibility that the problem is not caused by the fact that the partition is larger than 128 GB.

  10. Nonetheless describe boot behaviour.

    Make / let make pictures.

    Which messages are displayed? Even a blinking cursor is a hint.

    I wasn't now at his home, I got the report with TeamViewer.

    I don't have a way to take pictures.

    Is trying several hd(n1, n2) and finally says it can't find grldr.

    When I'll go again to his home I will note all that it says.

    That's greater 128GB.

    Some BIOS does support 48 bit LBA internally, but dosn't support 48 bit LBA at USB boot.

    Did you create one 500GB partiiton? Did you create several partiitons?

    Are all installation files within first 128GB of hard disk?

    I created a 500 GB partition. And all installation files are in first 40 GB (was defragmented).

    How does this BIOS handle a USB hard disk?

    It sees it as normal HDD and it's displayed in list if it was connected before POST.

  11. If it's a single computer, than I wonder how you got the mentioned "about 5%", meaning as:





    49/1000=4.90% or "about 5%"

    (just trying to establish a range for the "many" computer you tested) :)

    I didn't say it is the only computer I said it is the last computer where it didn't work.

    I tested on more than 100 computers and it didn't work on about 7 or 8 (I don't remember the exact numbers)...

  12. @Cosmin3

    Increasing success from 95% to 100% is a simple as a Perpetuum Mobile.

    Increasing success from 95% below 100% require detailed information.

    Name computer model (read the labels outside), motherboard and BIOS.

    Which USB HDD do you use?

    Different size may get different results.

    I didn't named the topic. And I know that you could never reach 100% (common sense), but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't try to raise the percentage.

    The computer isn't mine. I called the guy who has it but he didn't answer the phone. When he will answer I will enter on his computer with TeamViewer and get the data.

    My USB Hdd is WD Elements Portable SE 500GB: http://www.wdc.com/en/products/products.aspx?id=470

  13. I see you're kind of upset so I'll try to say something:

    I didn't say "FIX IT!", I said "MAYBE". It's a difference

    I know I didn't properly reported, I didn't say I did, I said next time it will happen I will do it properly. I mentioned that "vague report" in the hope that it will help. Sorry if it didn't.

    And I know it's not easy but I'm here to help in the best way I can. If you say I don't do it well, then I'll stop.

    In my first post I asked about what program should I use to get informations about that computer, to help you guys understand what the problem is.

    If this doesn't help, sorry.

  14. Thank you for this wonderful program.

    I have tested it with my USB HDD on many computers. On about 5% of them it shows error from the beginning or it shows strange errors when selecting entries from the menu.

    5% is not much, of course, but I wanna help lowering it...

    With which program I should collect informations about those computers?

    And what should I do with those informations: shows them here or on grub4dos forum...?

    Thank you.

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