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  1. @allen, but mobile CPU's have very low performance too? When u say industrial boards what do u mean? Server motherboards?

    Also I think support is not very important here as its a development server + my boss says its ok not to have warranty. Plus in my opinion, its more fun this way!

    2 questions, hope you dont mind

    1. is it true that writing to SSD often will lower the SSD lifespan (more than that of normal HDDs)? If so probably SSD will not be good for development? as I was save, test over & over again

    2. Is motherboard RAID very lousy?

    Thanks in advanced :)

  2. I think the chipset series is supposed to indicate what its designed for? May I know how would you choose one series over another? Am I right to say

    - P: No Integrated Graphics, "Best Performance"

    - H: With Integrated Graphics, "Medium Performance"

    - Q: With Intel vPro, "What Performance?"

    I thought with Sandy Bridge Processors, Graphics is on CPU not chipset? Or does it mean I must get a Motherboard that supports the use of Integrated Graphics?

    Also with Intel vPro, I see that i5 2400 supports Virtualization Technology for Directed IO etc, so vPro I guess? But do I need to also get a Q Series chipset to ustilize those features? Is it worth it? When I compare motherboards from Asus for each of the chipsets? I notice that Q Series has the least features. Also I saw many computer hardware stores in my country dont sell Q Series. Is it not recommended?

    I am thinking those Virtualization Features will be useful as I am a developer who finds use of Virtual PCs via Virtual Box very useful. I thought I will benefit from it?

  3. Use case:

    - As a Web Development Server

    - Run LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP)

    - Others: FTP, Node.js (Server Side JS), Cloud9 IDE, Virtual PCs (Virtual Box)

    - In the future: Python, Ruby on Rails


    - Heat: Air con on during office hours only

    - Power Efficiency: I like to be Environmentally Friendly & save on Electricty Bills at the same time

    - Performance: Of course! In this case, Virtual Box will be most resource intensive I suppose

    My Build:

    - Intel Core i5 2400 (Or perpaps a i3 2100 will be more value for money? No Virtualization Tech for Directed IO VT-d (Will Virtual Box benefit much from it)?)

    - Asus H57M-Pro

    - 4GB Kingston DDR3 (2x2GB) (Is PC3 10600/1333 CL9 a Dual Channel DDR3 RAM? With the above motherboard, is this the correct RAM?)

    - Western Digital Caviar Black 2TB SATA3 (My boss actually suggested a SSD tho, is it a good idea? I am thinking perhaps RAID 1 or 5 will give me performance close to SSD + more storage?)

    - Cooler Master Elite 371 (Case)

    - Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus (CPU Cooler) - Is it true that Sandy Bridge Stock Cooler is bad? I am thinking tho since heat is an issue in office, maybe a non-stock cooler will be useful?

    - Cooler Master Blade Master 120 (Case Fan)

    - Cooler Master GX550 (PSU) (Maybe 450W will suffice also?)


    I am thinking I will have a similar build if I want 1 for my home too, except it will look like below

    - Intel Core i5 2400

    - Asus H57M-Pro

    + 8GB Kingston DDR3 1333MHz (2x4GB)

    + 2x Western Digital Caviar Green 2TB SATA3

    - Cooler Master Elite 371 (Case)

    - Cooler Master GX550 (PSU)

    + Samsung S24A350H (LED/LCD)

    + Creative T12 (Speakers)

    Diff is marked by + and removed CPU Cooler, Case Fan

    For home use, in addition to the use cases above, I will use

    - Notepad++, NetBeans, Aptana Studio, maybe Visual Studio (Development IDEs)

    - Photoshop/Illustrator or GIMP/Inkscape/Blender

    - I will only access from LAN at most

    Also I may get a GPU in future

    What do you think about my build? Anything I should change etc?

  4. I sometimes find Windows Update annoying and bloating my HDD. Apparently, for no noticable difference. Is it a good idea not to update Windows. Currently, I use "Notify me of updates but don't install automatically"

    Is it enough to just update other stuff like anti-virus, anti-malware, firewalls etc?

  5. i want to dual boot from my usb

    - windows 7 install

    - GParted (or ubuntu install, yet to be decided)

    so from past experience, i am using GRUB4DOS, its been some time since i last used it.

    1st i need to install GRUB4DOS to my USB

    i will use something like WinGRUB > Tools > Install GRUB?

    then i need to setup boot entries

    i like my structure to be


    ... hmm i read from bootland that windows boot files must be in boot/bcd. ok thats fine, if thats the only easy way then i will be fine with

    /usb (windows 7 setup files here)
    / ... windows 7 setup files here
    /acronis true image for backups

    how will i set things up? i think basic commands are map, root, chainloader etc. where are the docs for these commands? this tutorial is broken now.

    i read from here i can do something like below for acronis true image 10, with the latest true image home 2010 will it work? anyone knows

    title Acronis media
    find --set-root /acronis10.iso
    map /acronis10.iso (hd32)
    map --hook
    root (hd32)
    chainloader (hd32)

    what does (hd32) on lines 3, 5 & 6? to check my understanding of the syntax.

    find --set-root /acronis10.iso - find the hdd (or partition?) with the file acronis10.iso and set it as the root. but root meaning?

    map, root & chainloader - what does these mean?

  6. i am sorry if i posted this in the wrong place.

    if i have a partition setup like

    + ------------------------ + ---------------------------- +
    | partition 1 | partition 2 |
    + ------------------------ + ---------------------------- +

    and i want to shrink partition 1 and extend partition 2 (into where partition 1 was), can i do it? i rmb that i can only extend a partition to the right? eg

    + ------------------------ + ---------------------------- + ------- +
    | partition 1 | partition 2 | -> |
    + ------------------------ + ---------------------------- + ------- +

    i think i tried using windows 7 built in partition manager, will using gparted or a "full" partition manager help?

  7. i used to use Adobe Reader, but i wanted to be able to annotate my PDF, eg. highlight text, add notes etc. so i started using Foxit Reader. but i found that its quite slow? when i click on the contents link, it takes a while to goto the page. i uninstalled adobe reader so i cannot compare, but it seems like foxit is slower. what do u use or recommend?

  8. i am looking for a minimal text editor i saw last time but forgot the name. i know of notepad2, notepad++ and all that.

    but i am thinking of using something i spotted last time, just see if anyone can point me to it. but i welcome recommendations for other good editors too. btw, i am a web developer (mainly PHP/HTML/CSS/JS). so features that help will be great.

    so the program i am looking for has a layout very similar to say eclipse/aptana. 1 sidebar containing 2 sections. i think 1 of them shows u which part of your code u are zoomed at. i think theres a file browser too. then theres the main section for coding. 1 signature look is that is has black/dark background and light foreground colors used for the text/code, i think many refer to that as some textmate theme? apart from that, i think its very light weight and minimal. no code complete i think?

  9. i wonder if you will prefer NetBook (Intel Atom) or a Ultraportable (Core i3). or how will u choose?

    considering screen size both has abt 10" screens. little difference. those smaller than 10" may make it hard to even surf the net. may require horizontal scrolling

    Battery Life. i hope netbooks shld have a relatively significant edge? atom runs on 2 - 3W right? vs i3 i think abt 10?

    performance? important! i will not try to play games, but i wonder if netbooks are too sluggish? say i just surf net (which also seems to take quite abit of memory/cpu at times, + if i open many tabs) and use say Office Word/Excel (whats performance like if i have a big document, or maybe excel will need more performance)?

  10. need help diagnosing whats wrong with ny PC.

    * no bios screen on startup, no display at all, no beeps either

    * when i poer the PC, the CPU and GPU fans where spinnning but the LED for the power button is not lit.

    * recently, 1 RAM module failed and it was removed so RAM 2GB now, down from 4GB DDR3 1333

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