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  1. Checked the bottom of the netbook, and indeed there is a COA sticker, and it does say Windows 7 Home Basic (it's late night and my sister is at bed so I can't take a pic of the COA, will take it tomorrow if you agree and attach it here). Another strange thing I also remember. When she brought the computer home, I had her open the system properties dialog and it said (back then) that it was fully activated and genuine.

  2. Hi. My younger sister recently (a month ago) got a sony netbook with Windows 7 Home Basic x86 preinstalled (she got it off a Sony autorized retailer). Today the windows 7 started showing the black background/"non genuine" notifications (the computer's hardware haven't been modified in any way and windows haven't been modified/reinstalled at all). Is there any reason for this? And how do I fix it?

  3. Hi. Got my desktop like I wanted. Check it out.


    > Visual style is "Verdesh SteelFlash".

    > Top Bar from SharpEnvironment.

    > Start button removed with StartKiller.

    > Trash can placed in the Superbar by enabling Quicklaunch toolbar.

    P.D: Yes. My laptop battery is dead, I'm saving for a 12 cell replacement.

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