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  1. I found it. For anyone else that should ever need it, 1-888-456-5570 option 3.
  2. This is far from a technical question, but I need the phone number to get a Hotfix from Microsoft. I found the solution to my problem in KB834745, but when I follow the link for support I end up on a wild goose chase accross the Microsoft website for the phone number that I need. Anyone know that number of the top of your head? Thanks. Flo
  3. Mallen, were you able to access information on NTFS drives?
  4. All good ideas. I think we are just going to have to wait for the industry to support the concept better before we can put this into production. The problem with leaving the Key Drive in Fat is that our HDDs are all NTFS, so we would not be able to do any type file recovery, which is large part of what we see this being used for.
  5. The Boss Man really wants to boot WinPE from USB Key drives. I've given him the information from Microsoft saying it won't work, but he doesn't believe that it is impossible. (In other words, I have to continue trying until either Microsoft supports it, or I find some kind of a work around) Right now, I'm looking at IDE to USB adapters. We've all seen the IDE to Compact Flash adapters that will run Linux, but has anyone tried using the adapter that is IDE female on one end to USB B on the other end with a USB gender adapter to allow for a USB Key drive to plug into it? I know this is a long shot, but I have to be fairly certain on these things before I go out and buy a $60 adapter that might just go to waste. Thanks.
  6. I hadn't thought of the process limit, that's a good point. We'll take that into consideration as well. @likuidkewl I think I read somewhere that you said you are using geoshell with WinPE? I've ready so many threads it's rediculous, and can't find that one again. Do you remember where you posted it?
  7. Since my last post ew have looked at a similar idea. Before deciding on the dual boot configuration we experimented with booting from a USB key drive (even though everyone said it wasn't possible, we just wanted to prove them right I guess). Anyhow, each of our techs would have had a key drive. To continue on with that idea, we are talking about putting some sort of a check file on the key drives so that the drive would be required to start in WinPE. It was and idea, but I think I like the idea of a password better because people tend to lose things... I'll let you know what we end up doing.
  8. Alright, I got the dual boot working, but I am now working on password protecting WinPE. Are there any other idea's out there for password protecting the startup?
  9. I am still not able to dual boot. At this point, when I select Windows PE, ntldr loads and the "Setup is inspecting your computer's hardware..." mesage comes up, but when that is finished, I get an error that says, "INF file txtsetup.sif is corrup or missing, status 14. Setup cannot continue. Press any key to exit." When I got that error, I remembered seeing that it was mentioned in Gosh's instructions for PE on a hard disk, so I read through, and followed his instructions for removing the read only from C:\cmdcons\txtsetup.sif and then replacing that file with the one from copying C:\minint\. I still got the error. I am using WinPE v1.2, if that makes any difference.
  10. I'm trying to avoid using Bart's if at all possible for legal reasons. I've played with Bart's on my home PC and like the features, but my manager at work wants to stick with Microsofts since the legality of Bart's is a grey area. We have taken into consideratoin the lack of a password, and that was our next step after verifying feasibliity. I'm looking into finding a way to password protect PE, and will let you know what I find. mbouchard, were you dual booting with BartPE or WinPE?
  11. I have been looking at doing the same thing. RoboCopy is much faster, and more powerful. I will be doing some experimenting with it as well.
  12. Currently we are dual booting XP and the Recovery Console. We are looking at removing the Recovery Console and adding WinPE instead. I am in the early stages of planning this out, and would appreciate any advice anyone can give. Right now, I am planning on following the necessary instructions for running PE from a hard disk, and then editing our boot.ini file to point to XP and PE. I've not been able to find anything anywhere about anyone else doing it, which scares me into thinking I may be overlooking a major reason this won't work. Jon

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