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  1. Win98 driver for ATI X800/X850

    Finally sorted, it was a mix up, and a AGP XT800XT PE was duly sent out, unfortunately I managed to break off a small capacitor or something, tried soldering it back on but no Joy ... My fault this time. Soooo, won an Nvidea 6800GT 256MB AGP card on Ebay that does have Win98SE drivers, (and in reviews is about the same performance as an ATI X800XT) after un-installing the ATI software and using driver cleaner, it was pretty unstable, but I'd been installing and un-installing ATI drivers a multitude of times before hand, bit the bullet and did a fresh install of Win98SE and all is fine ... almost, the stock cooling fan is far too noisy, now looking to get an aftermarket cooler for it.
  2. Win98 driver for ATI X800/X850

    Well, a Sapphire card eventually arrived from the Ebay seller today, took a while, first I waited a week before contacting him, he told me he was sure he'd sent it and would contact me that evening when he was home, no contact that evening, contacted him again the next day and he apologised, but the card was still with him and was now on its way, that was almost 2 weeks ago since I paid for the card ... the card that I won on his auction would have been perfect for this P4 Win98SE/XP dual boot machine I described in my original post ... except he's sent me a PCI-E X850XT not the AGP X800XT PE I won on my auction! Contacted him again to tell him, he said its a mix up and again would contact me this evening ... its now 9:40 PM here and no contact, guess I'll have to prod him again in the morning ... I hope it gets sorted out, in five years on Ebay and over 150 transactions I've never really had any serious problems ... his feedback is good though, so I'll be patient and hope he pulls through ... though I suspect there never was an AGP X800XT PE and he genuinely thought this PCI-E was that card, I've checked his history of sales and their was never an X850XT for sale from him for two years? the auction was definitely for an AGP X800XT PE though. The good news is ... I took the opportunity to finally order 2GB (2x 1GB) PC3200 DDR400 ram from another Ebay seller (this 2GB DDR cost me more than my recent I7 build DDR3 ram cost!!!) with the lessons I've learned here, Win98SE booted up perfectly and I even chucked in my original 1GB ( 2 x 512mb) ram too to fill all four slots, Win 98SE has been running perfectly for two hours now like this, the total of 3GB will be useful for booting into XP of course. Hopefully I'll get this ebay deal for the AGP X800XT PE sorted out soon. Cheers.
  3. Win98 driver for ATI X800/X850

    Finally won a Sapphire X800XT PE 256MB AGP on ebay and will report back once it arrives and I replace my current 9800 with it in my Win98 SE machine. Cheers.
  4. Microsoft Flight Simulator X

    Cluberti: When I do a flight recording on fsx, it freezes and I get returned to desktop. Note says that I may not have enough memory. i should have plenty of memory, but I will attach dxdiag for your review. Thanks in advance. West What OS are you running when this happens, and have you kept the default OS swap file size (and location?) Another thing to consider is, these flight video files can get very big, if you have FSX installed on a drive with little free space ... it could cause this crash? more info needed. Have a look at the Nick N FSX tuning guide in my last post, Nick goes into memory usage for FSX.
  5. Microsoft Flight Simulator X

    I'm a big Flight Sim fan and love FSX, have built a I7 920 @ 4GHz, GTX 285, 6GB ram rig just for FSX, with Win 7 on a OCZ Vertex 60 GB SSD and a Velociraptor 300 GB for the FSX and add on install, my current FSX folder with add ons currently stands at 172 GB (yep, 172 gigabytes) once larger capacity SSD's come down in price I'll replace the Velociraptor with a suitable sized Solid State drive, all my add on scenery takes some time to load a flight, an FSX folder SSD will be of great benefit. FSX is a big CPU hog even at 4GHz, some of the modern add-ons like Aerosoft Manhattan X can drag my frame rates down to about 10 to 12 FPS, but mostly I'm getting between 30 to 60 FPS on this rig. What I have done is do all the best FSX and hardware tweaks applicable to my system from Nick N's guide, and this makes FSX a much better looking and performing sim Nicks FSX tuning guide. In answer to your question ... I've tried FSX on XP 32 and 64 bit, Vista 64 bit and currently Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit that I prefer, FSX works fine on all these OS's, do install SP1 and SP2 or the Acceleration add on that includes those service packs, but this is well covered in Nicks guide, bookmark that one because he keeps it updated as new hardware and add-ons as well as tweaks arrive. Oh, and just to whet your appetite and show what can be done, this is my FSX rig with some of my hardware add-ons for it in action
  6. Amiga A500 boot up

    This is quite fun re-learning the Amiga all over again, my original 20 years ago machine was an Amiga 500 that I added an extra 1/2 MB ram to give me 1MB ram that some games I played back then needed, I've now discovered the Amiga I've just bought is in fact an Amiga A500+ that apparently has 1MB of ram from stock (1MB ... LOL, this machine I'm typing on has 6GB of ram) and I already bought a 1/2 MB expansion from Ebay for it ... DoH! When I tried the Amiga today it does show Kickstart 2.0 so I guess I'll need to source one of these floppy disks that can boot the Amiga into Kickstart 1.3 for compatibility ... hopefully I'll find one on Ebay. Thanks.
  7. Amiga A500 boot up

    You were right, today I tried the Amiga 500 again with the same Game floppy disk (FA 18 Interceptor) and it booted and worked fine, I've got some workbench Amiga 2.05 workbench disks coming from Ebay soon though, also ordered a 1/2 meg ram upgrade for the machine just as I did for my original 20 years ago, but after reading the Amiga 500 guide book I bought, this one is an Amiga 500+ that already comes with 1MB ram apparently? I'm now watching for a second external floppy to make life easier for disk change and copying as I did 20 years ago and also a joystick, and I'll be happy with that. How would I connect the Amiga to a modern LCD monitor? I watched a vid on You tube of a guy running one on his Dell 30" LCD, mine is a 24" Dell version with the same choice of inputs, just now I'm using the TV modulator through an old CRT TV. Not sure how long this nostalgia trip will last, but its quite cute compared to what I own now PC wise Thanks to all who have helped.
  8. Amiga A500 boot up

    You sure about that? This is an A500 model ... I've never heard of an Amiga A1000, though I'm sure it exists? I'm still diagnosing, but it looks like a bummer of an impulse buy here, the Amiga A500 guide book I've ordered has just dropped through the door, hopefully that will shed some light. Thanks anyway.
  9. What u playing at the moment?

    A heavily modded FSX and Rise of Flight, also finally got into the first Stalker game and am really enjoying it with the major mod package that was released for it.
  10. I bought an Amiga A500 bundle off Ebay that arrived today, bought it because it was my first ever computer over 20 years ago and I felt like some nostalgia. The machine came with a few game titles but now I seem to re-call it needed some sort of OS disks to start it (it has no hard drive of course) but I cant remember if you need these disks all the time at start up ... have got a signal from it on a TV, and the prompt is showing put a floppy in the drive, so tried one of the game floppys and nothing ... I honestly cant remember how it all worked! needless to say the machine came with no manual. I should have asked about this before buying, have asked the seller since, who has ignored my questions ... he only communicated to ask an extra £6 for delivery to my area, even after paying the extra he's still ignored my questions I have ordered an Amiga 500 book guide from ebay that should be here in a few days, but in the small chance anyone here is familiar with these computers, maybe they can advise or point me in the right direction just now? I seem to re-call when I bought my original one brand new 20 years ago having to insert some sort of OS disk to boot it, but cant remember if that was just needed once to write data to a rom chip or something? Never got any OS disks of any description with the bundle, just a few games. The seller described it as working. Cheers.
  11. True, its a major difference between 98 and XP and there is realistically no chance of official drivers for this hardware now, its minority stuff even in XP and above, it does function as a USB keyboard and still has the back lit led keys and I'm happy with that. Had to ask though. Cheers.
  12. Win98 driver for ATI X800/X850

    Thanks. Have downloaded the time limit demo, but I'll need to borrow the DDR 2GB again as well as at least a Ebay purchase of an AGP XT800/850 ... I'll try the intended AGP X1950pro 512MB experiment, but I don't hold out for much success with this card, it would be CPU limited with my P4 3.4 Northwood anyway ... My thinking is, if it can be made to work (hacked drivers or otherwise) then it would be done by now and reported on here? same goes to a certain extent with ATI's AGP X800/850 series of cards? But somebody's got to be the first and I'll give it a go. Might be a week or so before I can report back on the 2GB demo patch and X1950 512MB experiment, but my goal is for an AGP X800/850 to work with my old Thief and native WinSE games ... if I can get more than 512MB working in SE, so much the better. Thanks for all help so far.
  13. Win98 driver for ATI X800/X850

    If you can install a driver for the card and the Computer crashes or runs out of memory when opening DOS boxes, try my Demo RAM Limitation Patch using the /A option. It will run for 10 minutes which should be enough time to verify if it works. It will also let you use the full 2GB of RAM you have. Thanks. Where can I find this patch? I'll certainly try it and report back.
  14. Any genius created their own G15 keyboard driver for use in Win98SE? I'm using the V2 orange back lit one in my P4 dual boot 98SE/XP install, the keyboard functions as a normal USB keyboard in Win98SE but of course the LCD does not ... it just displays the G15 logo. I've done a search here and found nothing, also tried the G15 enthusiast forums where there was at least one other person asked about this, but the reply was there was not enough demand and they all moved on to XP and above. Its not a biggie, can live without the LCD in Win98SE, the keyboard is one of the best I've used and the backlit key leds work, but if we could get the LCD working too, that would be the icing on the cake. Also on the outside chance ... my preferred mouse is the Logitech G5 I use on my I7 comp, have found a Win98 driver for the older (but still good) Logitech MX518, but would rather use the G5 in 98SE too if I could, I've tried plugging in the G5 to my Win98 P4, but even after re-booting it does not work (a lot of Logi mice drivers are essentially the same) These two query's are outside the box and unlikly to see fruition, but if you dont ask you will never know or get Cheers