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  1. I downloaded Goras package and extracted it. I replaced all the files in the bin\ folder but I am reluctant to replace the exe file at this point. My reason is this, I already have a re-compiled file that contains experimental code I've been playing with and some major changes for speed and efficiency. The only links I find on his page are links to Russian sites and my Russian language skills are non-existent. I won't replace my exe file without first seeing the AutoIt source that Gora is using. That way I will be able to look and see what if any of the changes I've made should be incorporated into the new source. UniExtract has always been open source and when you have multiple people working on an open source project or people making changes to an open source project then the code should always be made available.
  2. Instead of moving the script or the reg files around to get everything in @ScriptDir You are better of to use FileChangDir() #Include <File.au3> #Include <Array.au3> $sPath = "c:\somepath\containing\regfiles" FileChangeDir($sPath) $RegList = _FileListToArray($sPath, "*.reg", 1) If IsArray($RegList) Then For $i = 1 to $RegList[0] RunWait('regedit.exe' & ' /s' & ' "' & $RegList[$i] & '"') Next EndIf Also I can't remember if it's okay to put the "/s" switch after the file name or not (for RegEdit) but if it is then instead of RunWait() use ShellExecuteWait() ShellExecuteWait($RegList[$i], "/s")
  3. I'm really interested in finding out what the current status of UniExtract is. It's been quite a while since the last update was released and Nitro seems to be on the missing list. He apparently isn't replying to PMs either although I must admit I don't check back here very often. This is a great little App and deserves to be continued. I see bug reports which apply to x64 systems and others that apply specificly to Win 7. None of these would appear to be major issues and should be easily solved. I'm already in the midst of cleaning up and updating the .au3 source, strictly on a part-time basis. If it's not still being developed then I may dig in a bit further and see what I can do with the other issues/requests.
  4. Issue with the splash window

    It is annoying at times. I just did a huge extraction last week that took over an hour to complete. That splash window was in front of everything the whole time which kind of defeats the multi-tasking capabilities of Windows. Pretty tough to type a document in word with that splash in front of it.
  5. I've always considered this to be a great tool but I do have a suggestion that would improve it in my eyes. Please change the SplashTextOn() 7th paramater [opt] to 18. It's a bit of a pain having that window always on top when I'm trying to do something else during a long extraction process. Better yet would be a custom GUI window but I don't know if you want to go to that extreme or not.
  6. Universal Extractor 1.6 Bug Reports

    Please test with my unofficial build (see previous post). I checked and InnoUnp is still at 0.31, which is the same version included in UniExtract. That seems to have it. I guess I just fell behind in the updates to Universal Extractor and it's all my fault. Thanks a million and I hope development on this project doesn't come to a grinding halt again, it's been a very handy tool and gets constant use on my systems.
  7. Universal Extractor 1.6 Bug Reports

    I ran Universal Extractor earlier against an Inno Setup file and it failed to extract. Copying the latest Inno Unpacker to the Bin folder solved the problem so you may want to check for updates of that app.
  8. Vista Product key issue

    I've just tried another burn where I set more of the information and added a couple of hotfixes into the mix and everything was fine except for the Product Key problem. I still can't see what could be going wrong and I'm waiting for ideas here. Surely someone else has had this issue.
  9. Vista Product key issue

    I've been using nLite for sometime now with good success and I was hoping vLite would go as well. Alas it was not to be. I used a Vista SP2 disk and all I wanted to do was create an automated install of Ultimate with 2 hotfixes and add a couple of extra folders to the DVD which contain the setup programs for some software that I always use. I don't attempt to install them during the Vista install, I'm just keeping it all on one disk. I've entered the Vista PK and user info and all looks well but when I try to use the disk it is still asking for the Product Key. Any suggestions to avoid that? I want the installation completely automated but I'm not even attempting to slim down Vista so I would think it should be straight forward.