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  1. Virtual PC 2007 - Probably the best choice with 1GB; be sure to get the hotfix/rollup. You can install VPC 2004 additions on DOS and Win 95 in VPC 2007 - see this website. I do have some issues with extra floppy drives with Win 95, but it does not interfere with the rest of the emulation. VMWare Player 3.01 (free, can create VMs, equivalent to Workstation 7.01) - I like this program a bit better than VPC 2007 if memory is not a limitation. It runs on a Pentium M laptop with 2 GB memory with Win 7 Pro host and XP guest without issues. VMWare gives USB emulation that appears to be compatible with Win 95C, but I have not tested any actual devices. Both - DOS installation with sound is easy, as is Win 3.11 video and network, but Win 3.11 sound is apparently harder (I didn't even bother). There are several websites, including the one I mentioned above, that give drivers and installation instructions for Win 3.11 in VPC 2007 or VMWare. Random glitches happen rarely (less in these programs than in Virtualbox with 9x guest), but sometimes it is hard to differentiate a problem with the virtualization software from an OS or program issue. Another option for Win 3.11 is DOSBox, but I have no idea what kind of network support it has. In sounds like you won't be getting Windows 7 anytime soon; but if so, VMWare becomes the best choice because it can import XP Mode but has none of the limitations of the new version of virtual PC.
  2. OK, it is at www.virtualuser.net/files/win95/Win95VPC7.txt If the width or format is wrong, let me know.
  3. I made a combination boot disc that has the original MS .exe's in the non-bootable area, and combines the two patches on one disc. This disc is all you need for VPC 7 and may be useful for some regular installs. Use it as normal for a boot disc, and type PATCHA for the 95ALL version of the batch file and PATCHBC for the 95B&C version. DUN14-95 is automatically placed in a folder on the C drive when one of the patch programs is executed. Users with virtual programs other than VPC 7 can install Win 95 normally by turning off hardware virtualization, and then the patches can both be installed from within Windows. Files (note different web address than previously, sorry): Instructions Boot Disk (self extracting archive) I could only test patches for 95 OSR 2, because I don't have 95A, and the microsoft update patches for OSR 2 to 2.1 and 2.1 to 2.5 are no longer on the update site. Also, I could not reproduce the 2.1 Ghz IOS error, perhaps because I never had the network running until after I had the DUN14-95 patch installed. Which program do you have to run to get this second problem? It works great with VPC also. FWIW, all four virtualization programs I tried would boot with <=946MB but not >=947MB of RAM, but could get to >3GB (limited by the programs, not the RAM patch) with patch installed.
  4. Yes, I will do something like that and will post for the VPC 7 users when it is done. Right now, the skeleton site I set up has a boot disc that also has the DUN14-95 patch, but the process can be improved further. http://www.virtualuser.net Forget about virtualization for the moment--if I read things correctly, FIX95CPU, rloew's patch(es), the info on MDGX's site, and a boot manager like EasyBCD may allow a native Win 95 (or Win 98SE2ME) installation in any partition on a modern fast 8GB system with a large >137GB hard drive :-) :-) Hooray!
  5. Hi: Sorry for the confusion. Virtual PC 2007 works fine with Win 95. However, Virtual PC (or Virtual PC 7), the latest version that only works with Windows 7, does not have a floppy interface. You need to open Windows Powershell and run either a VB script or Powershell script: http://blogs.msdn.com/virtual_pc_guy/archive/2009/10/01/using-floppy-disks-with-windows-virtual-pc.aspx http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en/w7itprovirt/thread/62f8eaf1-23f9-497e-a431-f4a1ad643d38 You can install Virtual PC 2007 in Windows 7, but not concurrently with VPC 7, so you lose XP mode. I am NO virtualization expert, but from my understanding, Virtual PC 2007 does not use hardware virtualization. One possibility is that the CPU speed is sensed to be lower than the patch cutoff, so you do NOT need FIX95CPU (another is that running in ring 1 avoids the problem altogether). Since Virtual PC 7 requires hardware virtualization, perhaps having the raw code in the correct ring 0 position with a faster speed makes the IOS protection error occur. This is a problem in VMWare as well, but I believe that the program has the option to turn off hardware virtualization, thus avoiding the error. I am going to try to current patch in VMWare Workstation, and I will e-mail them if it works. http://kb.vmware.com/selfservice/microsites/search.do?language=en_US&cmd=displayKC&externalId=817
  6. Works great, thanks! If you do update the patch again, I have one tiny request, and that is to at least have the option in the batch file to install the dun14-95 file to a folder in the C drive. This will allow less disk swapping because people can just navigate to the patch and double click it. Also, I cannot seem to find a download or description of rloew's Win95 (or Win98) memory patch--can someone please direct me? I know you don't want to do a complete service pack, but pairing the CPU fix with the memory patch would be fantastic. Derek
  7. I agree 100%, and I wonder if the corporate office decided to remove it so their Win 7 sales would bump up, but the VPC programmers left in some functionality because they knew how ridiculous it was. The good news is that a very short program should allow restoration of disk functionality with a GUI interface, if I ever get the time to figure out C#/Windows programming and Powershell scripting. Not as long as MDGx and the other forum members are around :-) Thanks so much, and I will be happy to test your bootable ISO in VPC. Derek
  8. Thanks so much for your batch file. In order to get Windows 95B to work in the latest version of Virtual PC 7 in an efficient manner, I modified your batch file so it could be installed on the C drive with minimum typing and no floppy access (VPC7 needs a VB script in order to connect floppies). I know this will be nothing new for most of this community, but I would love it if anyone has any suggestions about this method. http://www.virtualuser.net/files/win95/Win95VPC7.doc http://www.virtualuser.net/files/win95/w95vpcbt.exe (self extracting iso file) Derek
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