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  1. Try the ones in my sig. Best I've found so far ;D
  2. I've already done all the ones in my sig. Do you guys know anything else (registry edits/config files) for me to change to boost my computer even more? (It's like an addiction to do tweaks )
  3. I think you should reinstall the games instead of trying to restore the registry entries one by one. Faster that way...
  4. What difference would that make? The system will still have to wait for the programs to load up. I suggest you to disable the startup programs you don't need entirely and just run them when you do need them.
  5. Exactly the information I needed. Thanks a lot
  6. I tried using nlite to remove all the drivers from the XP CD and then integrate network and wireless network drivers using driverpack base. It worked fine using method 2 but windows still didn't detect the network card. Any idea what's wrong?
  7. link broken but based on the quoted part, it seems like unattended installation for windows 98. i can guess it's sorta like nLite except rather than deleted from the CD, extra files remain but not installed .
  8. during the installation, it showed an error about invalid drivers or something. i'm using the batch method with this code: ECHO. ECHO Installing Daemon Tools 3.47 ECHO Please wait... start /wait %systemdrive%\install\dtools\daemon.msi -qb REBOOT=ReallySuppress anyone have a clue what's wrong? btw, running that part of the code after explorer.exe loads up works fine tia
  9. is there any way to use a browser as an OS? like when i boot my computer, it'll open up firefox and start working without having windows installed? this is mainly for a very old computer that has no use other than for web surfing.
  10. where can i find the old cdimage program that automatically converts C:\xpcd into the iso? it's not on the main page anymore and is replaced by cdimage gui. i find this harder to use. does anybody still have the old one (or the switches necessary)?
  11. this is the reason why people should switch to linux OPEN SOURCE !!!
  12. thanks a lot. that got rid of the startup pane but the toolbar still remained after restarting Word EDIT: also, how can i remove that wizard that starts up with publisher?
  13. anybody knows? (Word is so annoying ...)
  14. i prefer windows 2000 to any other version of windows because it's not as bloated as Windows XP and still uses the NTFS filesystem. so they are equal in terms of stability and security Windows XP seems to be geared too much towards new computer users for me.
  15. everytime i open microsoft word, that stupid annoying taskpane at the right side opens up. i close it every time but when i restart it, it comes back again is there any way to remove it permanently? also, is there any way to do the same for toolbars because there are some useless ones that just keep reappearing each time i restart word. thanks
  16. is there a way to make links to other files (like to the desktop) using the batch method? thanks
  17. is it possible to only keep parts of office that you need and remove the others? i don't need the Outlook (thunderbird rocks ^_^ ) and Access (have no need for it now). the version of my office is the 2000 version. is there anyway to remove these parts from the installation to save space ?
  18. the explorer.exe trick worked but the taskkill didn't. i think it's because the folders aren't considered an independent process but more like a sub-process of Explorer.exe so when the shell got shut down, it will go along with it. thanks
  19. it's not a specific program. many programs do this. after the installation, they open up the start menu folder containing its shortcuts. is there anyway of closing the folders that pop out?
  20. it's not really a process. it's more like folder windows popping up. read my post above yours for a more detailed description.
  21. basically, i'm using the batch method to unattendedly install my apps. during the installation, some of my programs automatically open several folder windows. i need to know if there's a command to close that.

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