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  1. Hello Everyone, Wondering if this possible or if anyone could point me in the right direction as to how to do it. I have an Windows XP-SP2 Install disk that I use for my location in English. However I also have a Satelite office that usese the French Language. Rather than having to go out an purchase a Frech Version of Windows XP-SP2, is there anyway I can change the SETUP LANGUAGE during the install phase from English to French? I would like to create a new XP install CD that has all the Text screens during the text and GUI install screens show in the new laguage. Even all the menu options as well to show French not english. Basically is it possible to Change and XP_en image to an XP_fr image? Any Ideas? Thanks
  2. I did both with the transform and without, seems to get stuck there. I've discovered that is does actually do the install. If I do a control-alt-delete, user logoff and then relog back on. All of the Office programs are installed. It just seesm to get stuck on the RunOnceEx part and hang there, will not move on to the next application once finished.
  3. Hello everyone, I've done a lot of reading and a lot of searching before making this post, so if anyone has any ideas I'd be very gratefull. I've created a WinXP SP2 Unatteneded RIS image, and it works fine Does the install of windows no problem then upon reboot, kicks in the RunOnceEx and starts installing my programs silently. Does all the programs gets to Office 2003 and then it just hangs there, left it trying to do it all weekend long even and stuck of Office program. I'm found out should install it with this script instead Officeexecengpro.exe REG ADD %KEY%\044 /VE /D "Microsoft Office 2003 Professional" /f REG ADD %KEY%\044 /V 1 /D "%PP%\Office2003\Officeexecengpro.exe " /f without the transforms But it just gets stuck there, is there something wrong with my setup? Any have this problem?
  4. What kind of LAN cable are you using? Component (Computer, Printer) to - HUB/SWITCH = Straight Cable. Component - Component = Crossover Cable. From what you say, use a crossover and you should be fine.
  5. Hello everyone, let me start out by saying message boards here are great! Really helped me out a lot. Sorry if this is not in the right post too. Ok on to my problem. Made a Unattended XPSP2 DVD with all Hotfixes, additional programs (O2K3, Adobe etc..) removed useless coponents(games, services) an all with N-Lite and WPI to load additional software from CD.. Works great NO Problems! Now, I want to make that Image of the DVD for deployment from my RIS server (W2K3) from network. The DVD works great, but I would have to take a USB DVD Drive to any workstations and Manually do it. Problem I have is going through the RIS server, upon installation, I must key in Key Code, (is listed in Winnt.sif) and will not call up WPI.cmd. Message states UNC paths not allowed. Anyone have any ideas? Any help greatly appreciated.
  6. Hello everyone, has anyone come across this yet? I have my Windows XP Pro Slipstreamed CD with SP1 and have tried to do a Slipstream with now SP2 using nLite. When I start the process everything is fine but just before the actual integration starts I get this error message: This Service Pack cannot be integrated into a destination that also has integrated Software Updates. Consult the Service Pack documentation for more details about supported integration scenarios. Does anyone know how to do this if it can be done, or does anyone know where to find the documentation for it. I've extracted the SP2 files and have all the folders but cannot find any documentation. Thanks Auxjus

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