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  1. thankyou battleangel for explaining it without out being rude like other people. Alanoll sometimes people simply don know that you can DO these things... so try writing in a less sarcastic manner. /y it is!! and Astalavista... the server.met was an example not what i am actually doing. Thankyou for your help thou.
  2. I am overwriting a file after installation and want to know how to do this silently so that I'm not asked if it's ok. Here is an example of what I have in my 'cleanup.cmd' COPY "%systemdrive%\install\emule\server.met" "%systemdrive%\Program Files\emule\" What else is needed?
  3. shouldnt it just install the key automatically? During a normal install It has never asked me about a key file... it chooses it automatically.
  4. well.. i figured out the sound setting... it's all done. Now im mapping out the reg settings for all default icons (all that IconPackager Replaces) It's a Looooong process but will be worth it in the end. I want to have XP fully skinned after install. I have posted the WMP10 skin reg in the registry tweaks area. I'll post the icon setting if anyone wants (when its done) you will need to edit for your own files but at least the icons are sorted. Oh... and i've got the cusor reg bits also.. thanks for peoples help... I'm still scrounging for the power settings.
  5. Set Windows Media Player Skin Change the "AlienwareTeleport.wmz" and "Geek" To your skin and your choosen username.
  6. no... had plenty of takers. they have done what I asked and PM'd me. but sorry guys. all gone... for now.
  7. I'm making my registry tweak file and want to know if anyone knows how to do these: - Change Sounds settings to "No Sounds" - Change Power Settings Just a point in the right direction will do if nonone knows... I've been looking but found nothing yet.
  8. well for the icons I'm planning on making a custom shell32.dll (mayve a whole shell pack too) haven't thought of cursors yet.
  9. anyone got leechget installed silent?? and yes i searched.
  10. 12 Invites up for grabs.... PM me if you want one. Minimun 20 Posts and if you have one don't be silly as you will have pleanty of your own invites.
  11. Is there a way to silently install IconPackager and Apply a custom icon/cursor theme?
  12. well.... thats not very easy to understand (after looking at above mentioned pdf) If anyone has already done a NOD32 please post your *.cdm info here please... I'll finish the rest of the progrs for now. Also where does one get the .msi of acrobatreader. Am unable to extract it from the .exe
  13. thankyou... and since batch files are easier and this disc is only for me and family, there isn't any need to stress myself with the runonce! correct...? the hardest thing about doing all of this is just getting the application information.
  14. Anyone included NOD32 into their XPCD? Im looking for the switches. also which is better, start.cmd or runonceex.cmd
  15. so.... anyone know how to intergrate the NOD32 installation?
  16. Yes I realise this but I have also seen a lot of people having trouble with SP2 and incompatibility, so for now I dont want SP2. I have the hotfixes sort atm. they were easy enough. its everything else thats confusing.
  17. Hi Im a noob to this XPCD creation and have been browsing the threads for the last few days taking notes and trying to understand everything in front of me. There seems to be a big mix in the Switches area between the old an new ways which can be confusing. Has anyong thought of making a thread or linked site that has ONLY 100% working switches? I am trying to make two CD's. One for me with my prefered software and another with mainly freeware software included. 1: Hotfixes, IE6, Firefox9 (custom skin), Thunderbird (custom skin), Office2003 (word and excel only), Acrobat 6, Media Player 9, Winamp 5 (custom skin), Photoshop CS, NOD 32, Outpost Firewall Pro, IZArc (with custom menu bar), Nero 6.3, Emule .43 (custom skin), Adaware SE 1.03, Mail Notifier, IconPackager (custom icons), RegClean, ACE Mega Codec Pack. Plus Own MSSTYLE 2: Hotfixes, IE6, Firefox9 (custom skin), Thunderbird (custom skin), OpenOffice, Acrobat 6, Media Player 9, Winamp 5 (custom skin), GIMP 2.4.3, AVG Free Edition, Outpost Firewall Free, IZArc (with custom menu bar), CDBurnerXP Pro 3, Emule .43 (custom skin), Adaware SE 1.03, Mail Notifier, RegClean, ACE Mega Codec Pack. Plus Own MSSTYLE Has anyone done anything similar to these?

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