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  1. Bypass Windows 7 Auto Logon - Please Help!

    This thread can be closed now: Holding down shift strangely doesn't work, but alternating the left and right shift keys really fast works....AMAZING. Microsoft you so crazy!
  2. I'm admin to a bunch of public pc's at work and right now most of them run XP and automatically logon to the domain using a domain account...I've set the correct winlogon settings in the registry for XP. Now on XP before the computer logs in you can hold down the "shift" key and it will bypass the auto logon and let you login as a different user (either local or domain). Now I've setup the same thing on Windows 7, but the "shift" key does not work to bypass this and I have not been able to figure out a way around this. Our public machines are locked down with a special auto logon user. If I need to fix the computer it is very convenient to log off, hold down "shift", and then logon as local admin. Can someone please help me with this? And if you don't understand what I'm asking I can try to explain it better. Thanks
  3. Firefox 3.6 Advanced INF install

    I think I was able to create a silent installer after examining one of yours ckislam and using CreateurSFXv2 So I should be ok for now. Thanks for the good info and script.
  4. Firefox 3.6 Advanced INF install

    Just tried this and it's not working for me. The prompt flashes and then quickly closes. I closed firefox before running this. I name the files what you have here and put them all in the same directory. Using this on firefox 3.6.3 Any ideas?