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  1. I want to do the same, can you do it? Please let me know Thanks
  2. Hello Computerguru I've been waiting for his 2nd post, do you think to continue with the tutorial or we have reached the end. Thanks
  3. Hello Calboy Thanks for reply I installed Adobe Photoshop CS4 64-bit, not the suite and was installed as a trial, the version is 11.0. I'll try it on x86 and I'll post back the results. Thanks Yesnovato
  4. Hello Here is my results creating Photoshop_CS4.msi Conversion Error Conversion Messages Discover converts its own format to an MSI style format bla bla bla..... Error: invalid line '"Microsoft.VC80.CRT,publicKeyToken="1fc8b3b9a1e18e3b",type="win32",version="8.0.50727.762",processorArchitecture="x86""=Edit(MultiSZ):/Find start /Insert "?dn[cftJE@d-.tKfH%iWMergeModulesFeature>_j0,Y]s!Soe8MkbIdFwU" before' found in .REG file 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Scalable\WinINSTALL\Packages\Photoshop_CS4.REG' I Don't understand nothing. Could you help me Thanks Yesnovato
  5. Hello I also would like to make a Multiboot like yours, especially W7x86/64, please could you tell me if you found a good guide Thanks Yesnovato
  6. Thanks Computerguru and Calboy A good post for me bacause, I did not know WinPE and how to use, now I have begun to understand it, thank you very much. Computerguru I did exactly what you wrote and I got the following files and folders C \: WinPEx64 \, ISO, Mount, efisys.bin, efisys_nopromptbin, etfsboot.com, winpe.wim C: \ WinPEx64 \ ISO \ boot, EFI, sources, bootmgr, bootmgr.eti I do not know if the above is correct I have some doubts. The third line does not work for me, I was checking the help of imagex, seems to be missing something and know you are doing that line C: \ program files \ windows aik \ tools \ amd64 \ imagex.exe C: \ winpex64 \ iso \ could explain please. When I opened winpe.wim saw was only the Program Files folder, but it was not the x86 Program Files folder, in the case would have to manually adding tp W7x64 or is there another method. Calboy your guide will be of great help to me, really I do not want to add many applications to my image would occupy much space, I prefer to use WPI, anyway I will test installing Photoshop CS4, I'll let you know the results of the installation. Thanks Yesnovato
  7. Hello CalBoy, you can restar ur pc before syspreped and Daemon will continue, after that u can syspreped ur image. I hope that helps, good luck Yesnovato
  8. Oh my God, you are a genius my friend. The HKCU, all were installed correctly, I have to check to see because the Scripts folder was not deleted. I'll try winintegrator to see if my drivers working, ah I check my integrated drivers and they all say "inbox: No", actually I do not know the meaning. You say I can use clean.cmd with firstlogoncommand, but my fear with that method is to delete the script folder before setcompete.cmd running and thus not install the Regs., Maybe I have to give some order, in that case what order value I would give it Thanks for your help. I'm waiting for his new post Note: Could you check the attachs, and tell me if they are ok Thanks in advance SetupComplete.cmd tweak2.reg
  9. Hello Computerguru I had been testing and all HKCU reg are in HKEY_USERS_.DEFAULT. Do you have some idea? Someone here has the same problem. Computerguru can you check the attached files to see if they are well setupcomplete.cmd, clean.cmd n tweak.reg are $OEM$\$$\SETUP\SCRIPTS I hope his usual aid Thanks Autounattend.xml SetupComplete.cmd clean.cmd Tweak1.reg
  10. Hello Computerguru. This is my results W7x86 a)selected generalize checkbox b)No $w-bt n $w-ls c)Preinstalled App. & Tweaks, "OK" d)Updates integrated using WAIK, "ok" e)Drivers integrated using WAIK, "no working" f)HKCU now are not installed W7x64 a)selected generalize checkbox b)No $w-bt n $w-ls c)Preinstalled App. & Tweaks, "OK" d)Updates integrated using WAIK, "ok" e)Drivers integrated using WAIK, "no working" f)HKCU now are not installed What do you think Note I puted a HKCU reg using firstlogoncommand in my Autounattend n working fine
  11. Hello urie, thank you for reply, let me ask you a question, I'm using this command oscdimg -u2 -m -o -b"%programfiles%\windows aik\tools\petools\amd64\boot\etfsboot.com" \W7 \w7iso\w7x64.iso Is it correct? Thanks in advance
  12. From what I've see in ur attachment I can assuming u're : 1. Using Gimagex to capture ur windows installation, use imagex (non GUI) from WAIK, it's been an issue that gimagex is having trouble in xml specification (such as servicing stack etc). 2. If u're using imagex, u've mistakenly set the flags of the image, for an example ULTIMATE, the command should be: "imagex /compress maximum /flags ULTIMATE /capture z: d:\install.wim "Your Image Name" "Your Image Description" /check /verify" or "imagex /compress maximum /flags "Ultimate" /capture z: d:\install.wim "Your Image Name" "Your Image Description" /check /verify" Note : "/check" n "/verify" it's usefull for wim integrity checking. 3. If ur install.wim is bigger than 4 GB, use UDF for the DVD image. Hello ar_seven_am when u talk to the DVD image ur referring to the ISO file that is made using oscdimg.exe. Could you explain to me that means UDF or tell me where can I read about UDF, I'm sorry my ignorance. Thank you in advance
  13. Ok, here are my results 1)No $windows-Bt and $Windows-LS (Computerguru could you in the point 15 add "select the generalize checkbox") 2)All pre-instaled applications and tweaks are OK 3)HKCU tweaks no working 4)Removed SCRIPTS folder in windows Thank you for your work and your time, I'm going to try using registers instead of tweasks, I'll post back my results. Could you tell me where are the images that appear in the phase of completing the installation, to change it, because the images which I had changed are lost, I believe that the generalize checkbox put the default images and not my images, could u help me. Thanks yesnovato
  14. Hello Computerguru The same problem, now i test with my x64 tweaks, it doesn't work and I get the $windows-bt and $windows-ls at C:\ i dont know what is the problem, I follow the tutotial. Please could you help me. Thank in advance
  15. Hello I used your tweaks, I'm sorry I did not know they had tweaks for x32 and x64, I just learned something new for me, anyway not installed in the case of x64,however the tweaks were set using an image that was not created using sysprep, The folders Bt and LS are not found in windows, but the scripts folder still there . Could you give me some idea where can be the error. Am going to create another image again and I'll post my results back here. Let me a question, is there to select the generalize checkbox? becasuse i dont select it. Thanks Yesnovato
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