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  1. dude how do u get everything Off like if you chose the performance option? Thanks
  2. MXM


    this is MXM wasup? i consider myself an experienced user but with what ive read around i feel like a noob. hope to get involved soon. been readin the site since long time but finally decided to join. i currently am a network admin for a big a** enterprise so i hope to catch many tips, tweaks n details and help as much as i can i do program and believe that information should be free. take care fellas and i'll try to stay around as often as possible. peace.
  3. i am at this same point, can any1 tell if this works with pcs that have already created accounts? any special indication? Thanks! ^ wel i just gave it the shot and it worked.... now wondering if it works on Vista.... hey is the author of this still around? pls msgme. the line that works good enough for me is ................exe /performance /silent[1] peace.

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