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  1. Ah, OK so there is no way to have the updates downloadable when they are made available, i.e. this morning my PC says there are new updates available... but the UL I have has not changed (as per your info in first post). Is there other options to download updates when they are available and have that list auto check for new updates every now and then? Sorry if my Q's seem dumb, just trying to work out how I can download the updates to one PC and then put them onto a file server here so I can add those updates to the other 5 PC's - save me download bandwidth as I have limited bandwidth available.
  2. Can someone explain to me how this works? I have the UL files now and they are downloading the updates for Win7 (thanks), but does that list of available updates get updated automatically as MS release updates or do I need to download an updated UL every now and then?
  3. Windows 7 UL Lists

    wonderful, thanks for the help
  4. I have just downloaded the Windows Update Downloader and also the UL lists I require for some of the desktop PC's here, however it does not list any UL's for Windows 7. Is this tool still the best way to download the updates to enable me to place on the server here for desktop updates or is there a newer tool available? Can you point me to the UL files for download for Windows 7 please? Thanks