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  1. Hello, is there any option to change default program for open files like JPG or AVI, by command line or silently? Can be it maked in Windows 8? I want to change for example JPG to Windows Photo Viewer and AVI to MPC (Media Player Classic) Thanks
  2. Deploying IE 10 for Windows 7

    Hello, i have a problem silently installing spanish version of IE10, there is my log If I remove the /update-no parameter of this, IE10 download the files and the installation goes fine. But if i want to install it without internet conection, i cant I have installed the package "Windows6.1-KB2718695-x64.cab" before IE10, but its the same. Anyone kowns how to solve this? Thanks and sorry for my english
  3. [Tool] FFaM v1.0.2.11

    Hello jonnyboy82, i have been testing the version, this months over the version of firefox 14, and found this bugs; I have created the firefox installer in windows 7, and in Windows 7 does not apear this bug. In Windows XP this installer ask for check compability about extensions and need click a button to continue. I have check the option "make firefox default browser", but when finnish install, i open firefox and it ask for default browser... Can You check this jonnyboy82? Thanks
  4. [Tool] FFaM v1.0.2.11

    Thank you, i have now the tool working for me.
  5. [Tool] FFaM v1.0.2.11

    Hello jhonnyboy, thanks for this great tool, i have some problems with this tool: I used it to download the spanish version of 14.0.1 But the tool show continuosly: MD5 does not match Downloading MD5 does not match Downloading .... If i used it to download the english (US) version of 14.0.1 it dont work If i check the spanish 15.0b1 it creates sucefull the silent installer, but the extensions that i have installed does not copy into the silent installer (I have checked Include Extensions) Can you check this? Thanks
  6. Windows Live Essentials 2011

    Yes, you are right. I have tested more this command and i think that this command wouldn't do anything. The next try to start WLM2011 the window appear again... Yes, It can be a typo error I should do the autoit script Thanks
  7. Windows Live Essentials 2011

    Yes, thanks you very much, it can be that, i have try to install messenger in a new computer with this switch and this computer dont aswer me for that in the first start of windows live messenger 2011. I think than the swith ALL! means no-ALL Greetings and thanks
  8. Windows Live Essentials 2011

    Thanks, Yes i have look this post before, but i dont see this before; /AppSelect:ALL!,Mail,Messenger,PhotoGallery,Writer I Have the switch /AppSelect:Messenger,MovieMaker,silverlight Im going to try this: /AppSelect:ALL!,Messenger,MovieMaker,silverlight Thanks
  9. Windows Live Essentials 2011

    I think that i can create a Autoit script when it finish install, open WLM, uncheck this box, press Acept, and close WLM. I didnt find anything in registry or files changes... Thanks
  10. Hello, i install Windows Live Essentials 2011 in unatended mode in every computer without any problem, but the first start of the aplication windows live messenger its appear this window: In english is something like: -And the help link in this windows go to this: http://explore.live.com/windows-live-essentials-help-improve-windows-live-ui?mkt=en-en I have searh for registry changes and for files changes when uncheck this box and click acept, but i didnt find anything... Im using windows 7 Anyone knows how to disable this window and dont appear the first time? Thanks
  11. Silent uninstallation of Kaspersky Antivirus 2011

    But the global unistaller of kaspersky labs need a captcha. Can unistall mosly kaspersky products in two steps.
  12. Thanks you very much I anwser this question too long with no response: Thanks
  13. Nero 9 Silent install

    I use this comand with WPI, with exelents results, but in some time, WPI continues with the next comands without waiting nero install. I use {SLEEP} 1200 to wait a half hour befoure continue with the next comands of WPI. Its there a comand for the WPI, for wait the aplication setupx.exe finish? The comand for silent install nero 9 i use its this: %SOURCE%\Infonova\Soft\Nero\nero.exe /i /q EULAACCEPTED="1" Any sugerence to do this? Thanks
  14. %ALLUSERSPROFILE% problem

    Hello, first, thank you. I have try to write this in the adress bar in windows xp and also in windows 7 and it doesn't work. How i make this variable work? I have read about this before, but always i think that the people was talking about this in C# I have tried to put this in a comand line of WPI but without funtion.
  15. Hello, i have a problem with %ALLUSERSPROFILE% variable, i use it in WPI. Before, in Windows XP i use the variable %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Desktop without any problem, the problem start in Windows Vista and later in Windows 7, the path changed "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users" to "C:\Users\<user>\AppData" on some it is mapped to "C:\ProgramData" or "C:\Users\Public" Does i have a variable to work in Windows XP, Vista and 7, in new formated systems and in old formated systems ? I see that usually, depending the manufaturer the paths changes. I think that the variable %USERPROFILE% Works in all, but i like to use %ALLUSERSPROFILE% for example for making shortcuts for all users. Sorry for my english and Thanks