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  1. Okay, so in the end this is what I ended up doing to make my install disc perfect. 1) Loaded virtual machine, manually applied kb947821 to repair winsxs folder, integrating it as a hotfix didn't work, had to be done after install. 2) After the update installed and the winsxs folder was fixed I shut down the VM, and extracted the winsxs folder off it. 3) Mounted my install.wim I had been working on, deleted the winsxs folder in it, and replaced it with the now fixed winsxs folder I pulled off the VM. 4) Made a new iso with vlite, installed, and everything worked right off with no need to apply the hotfix and the winsxs folder was still as small as it originally was!! YAY!! I'll try to make a new .bat file to save people the trouble, because I'm pretty sure in doing this I've found the absolute minimum (or very close to it) the winsxs folder can be and still work, pretty much everything in there is 100% necessary for windows update to function meaning you can't get any smaller without breaking windows update or having to run the hotfix. Here is a log of the directory structure if anyone wants to check it out before I get to writing a .bat file for it, http://www.mediafire.com/file/mzewi2zwino/winsxs.txt The txt file was so big I had to host it on mediafire *edit* Forgot to mention was on ultimate x64, and the end size ended up being 169mb
  2. Yep, installed that update first and after that it all worked great. Weird thing I noticed though, just after installing that one update my winsxs folder had already grown by like 100 mb *cry :.( *edit* Reinstalled again and watched the winsxs folder while the hotfix was processing and it was adding folders to their like crazy, I'm guessing that update fixed whatever we did the the winsxs folder that it didn't like. *edit* *edit* I think I'll integrate that hotfix with DISM and see how that goes.
  3. Hmm well I didn't try updating again after the initial failed attempt, so I'll load up my virtual box and try again and see what happens.
  4. Hmm I tried following this guide and I could only do misc updates like drivers and spyware checks, most of the hotfixes had errors.. maybe I'm doing something wrong.

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